About Overbuff

Overbuff is a website dedicated to helping Overwatch players improve their game. You can track your progress on heroes, see what your friends have been playing, and keep tabs on pro players. Like all great gaming resources, Overbuff is built by people who absolutely love the game and want to help others improve their play!

Getting Started

How can I find my profile?

The easiest way to find your profile is to sign in with Battle.net. We will automatically update your stats and show your profile.

Alternatively, you can search for your profile by Battle Tag. Make sure to enter it exactly, ex. mL7#21877

How do you get my statistics?

Every time you sign out of Overwatch, your new stats will become available. Overbuff periodically updates your statistics in the background, or you can click the icon on your profile to trigger a manual refresh. Your new statistics will appear instantly after a refresh, with rankings updated shortly thereafter.

My statistics are inaccurate or out of date!

Sorry for the trouble! The most reliable way to make your stats appear are to:

  1. Open Overwatch and play at least one game to completion
  2. Close Overwatch
  3. Visit your profile on Overbuff and click the icon to refresh your stats.

Lifetime Career Statistics

Do you have my statistics for Overwatch 1?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including what data we had previously collected for you and which platform you' playing on.

Did you previously have an Overbuff profile?

  • If you had an Overbuff profile before Overwatch 2 launched then your data will be imported automatically when possible.
  • If you didn't have an Overbuff profile then we likely don' have much (if any) of your old data.

What platform did you play on?

  • PC Players: We'll automatically import your data from your old Overbuff profiles!
  • Console Players: Sorry, but we don't currently have a way to map Xbox/Playstation/Nintendo names to new Battle Tags, but we're looking into options.

Of course, all of this requires you to have previously enabled your "Career Profile Visibility" setting in Overwatch.

TL;DR: If you played on PC, had your profile visible, and used Overbuff before then we should have your old data!

Why is my profile missing data for some competitive seasons?

Unfortunately collection of competitive season data was unreliable. We've made improvements with the relaunch of Overbuff for Overwatch 2, but data for some seasons may not be accessible. We hope to add more previous season data in the future, but have no timeline.

Why are some previous competitive seasons inaccurate?

Related to the above issue, data from some seasons may have been incorrectly attributed to a different season. We are working on a solution to clean up this data, but don't yet have a timeline for resolution.

Understanding Your Statistics

What are percentiles? Why are so many stats measured by percentile?

Percentiles help us understand how you perform in each statistic by comparison to other players.

Let's say you have 14 eliminations per 10 minutes on Soldier: 76. Is that good or bad? Percentiles let us know! If you're in the 55th percentile then that means you're slightly better than the average player. 99th percentile means that you're on par with the best players.

For comparison's sake, if you have 10 eliminations per match on Mercy (which is well into the 99th percentile) you might be focusing too much on eliminations. In this case, you might want to put down the blaster (pew! pew! pew!) and start healing.

Why is my overall record different than the sum of individual heroes?

Because Overwatch allows you to switch heroes mid-game (you have been doing that, right?) it is possible to register statistics for multiple heroes in a single game. This tends to be more likely to occur in longer games, or games where you spend a significant amount of time on two primary heroes. If you switch to a hero for a very short period of time, it may not count towards your win loss record on the hero. However, it should still count towards your total game time.

I played a hero recently and my stats for it didn't update. What gives?

Similar the question above, we only see that you played a hero when the number of games played increases. Due to hero switching, it's possible for you to play a hero for part of a game and not have their stats updated immediately.

In QuickPlay you must win games on a hero for the statistics for that hero to be updated. Your stats for that hero will be updated the next time you win on that hero.

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