Can't see your Season 3 competitive stats? Check out our season 3 help page for an immediate fix!

Help, my Season 3 Stats aren't showing!Don't worry, we'll get this fixed.

What's the problem?

The current Overwatch data doesn't designate which season player statistics are for. We've made an effort to auto-detect if your competitive stats are from the current season, but this doesn't automatically work for all players. This page will help fix the issue and make sure your Season 3 stats show up!

PC Players

If you're a PC player, make sure you're signed in, then visit your settings page. You'll see a Season area with information about your current competitive data and a button to confirm you're playing the current season.

Console Players (PSN and XBL)

If you're a PSN or XBL player, please fill out the form below and we'll get you all fixed up!

Player Information
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