NOTICE: 1) Completed placements and can't see Season 4 competitive stats? Check out our season help page for the fix! 2) We are aware some profiles will not update. Blizzard's data is "clogged" on their end and the issue is beyond our control.

Help, my Season 4 Stats aren't showing!Don't worry, we'll get this fixed.

What's the problem?

The current Overwatch data doesn't designate which season player statistics are for. We've made an effort to auto-detect if your competitive stats are from the current season, but this doesn't automatically work for all players. This page will help fix the issue and make sure your Season 4 stats show up!

PC Players

If you're a PC player, make sure you're signed in, then visit your settings page. You'll see a Season area with information about your current competitive data and a button to confirm you're playing the current season.

Console Players (PSN and XBL)

If you're a PSN or XBL player, please fill out the form below and we'll get you all fixed up!

Player Information
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