Overwatch 2 Beta Ends; Next OW2 Event on the Horizon

Ending this past week, the first Overwatch 2 PvP beta came to a close.

Wrapping up with a letter, Game Director Aaron Keller shared a thank you to everyone who took the time to play the beta. I know I didn’t play a bit of Overwatch 1 while the beta was up. My team was even able to field a few PUG nights because we had so many people playing!

He closed the letter saying that they’ll be releasing information on the next phase of Overwatch 2 testing “and we’ll see you soon on June 16.” What’s going on come June 16 hasn’t been revealed yet other than it’s an Overwatch 2 event. (Overwatch Twitter)

It’s honestly been an adjustment for me to go back to playing Overwatch 1. I keep wanting to ping for enemy positions! And there are SO MANY BARRIERS.


Anniversary Remix Vol. 2

This second of three remixes have recolored skins for Ana, Hanzo, Lucio, Roadhog, Sombra, Symmetra. You can see them in-game or on our Twitter feed. My favorites by far are the ones for Ana and Sombra.

Also in the Remix are anniversary events and season 5 of Competitive Deathmatch, all hidden within the Arcade card.

OWL Miscellaneous

Luchador Reaper

Hidden in the promotion for the Anniversary Remix, the Overwatch League Luchador skin for Reaper was also released, celebrating the Kickoff Clash. June Joust was a cooler name.

APAC is Back

Delayed two weeks due to COVID, the teams in the APAC region are playing their first games this season and there has already been an upset!

Solaris Allegedly Owes Big

Esports organization Solaris is said to owe former staff over $33,000 USD. Michael Zhang, an OWL employee who formerly worked in tier 2 name dropped Solaris this week after hinting about it a few weeks ago. (Twitter)