Strong Voice Against Activision Blizzard Leadership Resigns From Company

Jessica Gonzalez, one of the strongest voices against the poor leadership at Activision Blizzard, has resigned. Her last day is Friday, December 10. (Twitter)

Since news of the lawsuit broke in July, Jessica has helped organize two walkouts in protest of leadership, has shared stories about what has happened at Blizzard, and shared stories about the terrible stuff still is happening at the company.

In her goodbye message over one of the company’s Slack channels she said she received an offer outside of the gaming industry, said that despite everything there are good people in gaming, but also added, “There’s lots of work to do still and I am mentally wounded from this fight. It’s been a long and exhausting road for change, but it isn’t over.”

Gonzalez also tagged Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, telling him his inaction and refusal to take accountability is driving out great talent. This is a jab at the CEO who recently said would consider resigning if he couldn’t change the company’s culture quickly, acting as if he hasn’t had years to do so.

Thanks to voices like Gonzalez’s and others at the company, media all over from Polygon, to Kotaku, and even Yahoo! Finance have called for Bobby Kotick to step down.


Creator Experimental Card

Three content creators, Violet, Flats, and Somjuu, were all asked to make “over the top” changes to heroes for the upcoming Experimental Card Creator Cup that begins next Friday, December 10.

Some changes are funny, like how Reinhardt now automatically plays the voice line, “You shame yourself,” if he blocks an enemy Earthshatter, some are actual attempts at making an interesting change to the hero, like Brigitte getting more Repair Packs but no longer being able to heal allies with Inspire, and others are absurd, like Mei Ice Block dealing 2000 damage to enemies she lands on. (Note that me saying absurd doesn’t mean it’s not fun.)

There are far more changes than I care to list, with every hero getting some kind of change by Thursday after a few were missed on Tuesday. Full patch notes.

Signup for the Creator Cup is on the GameBattles website, with cups in NA, ANZ, and EMEA regions. The short version is that it’s a single elimination bracket, with all matches being first-to-two except for the final that’s first-to-three wins. Round 1 seeding is based on the average in-game SR.


Numbani Map Offline

On Wednesday afternoon the Overwatch team disabled the Numbani map from all modes except Custom. (Official forums)

No official reason was given other than, “…while we investigate an issue.”

Players think they know the issue and it involves a Sombra player using her Translocator to get to unintended locations on Numbani, allowing her to contest the objective while being almost completely immune to damage. Using the exploit, the only thing that can damage or kill her is Hanzo’s Dragons.

As of this writing there has been no word as to when the map will return.