I was on vacation as the story about the lawsuit against Blizzard broke. I just happened to be online at that moment, and since then, story after story of what people have had to put up with, from discrimination, hostile work environments, and sexism, have seen the light of day. I’ve spoken with friends who are or were there, and it’s chilling. Company leadership, current and former, have company released terrible statement after terrible statement, saying they either didn’t know or promise change. Change that few believe is coming without a major shakeup.

I ranted yesterday morning on my personal Twitter about how dangerous BlizzCon can actually be when it comes to alcohol and predators. I’ve helped friends escape some awful situations in my trips there, but none of them involved Blizzard staff. Now to find out that the same kind of stuff was going on from some of the people who helped being us together? Ugh. THE COSBY SUITE?! I mean come on.


Here is some of the game stuff that happened this week or so but my heart isn’t in it. It hurts. :(


A slew of balance changes were added to the Experimental Card on Thursday.


  • Meteor Strike ultimate now speeds up the cooldown timer of his abilities by 100% while Doomfist is in the air.


  • Shuriken damage increased by 1, from 28 to 29.

  • Dragonblade ultimate damage reduced by 10 each swing, from 120 to 110.


  • The self-healing from Biotic Grasp restores more health per second (HPS), up from 20 to 24 HPS.


  • He grants 25% less ultimate charge when hit.

Soldier: 76

  • Primary fire damage increased by 1, from 19 to 20.
  • Healing from Biotic Field reduced from 40 to 35 HPS.

Wrecking Ball

  • Grappling Claw begins on cooldown when respawning.
  • Adaptive Shield casts instantly instead of taking 0.2 seconds to cast.
  • Mines from Minefield ultimate no longer stick to walls. As long as there is “ground” below them, be it actual ground or something like ledges and window sills, like in this example from Reddit, they will sit there, even if the ledges barely exist.

Official Experimental patch notes for July 29, 2021.

New Deathmatch Map

From various reports, we were supposed to get a new deathmatch map called “Malevento,” an Italian map, last Thursday, but that release was postponed indefinitely because obvious reasons. It was said to have appeared on the PTR briefly on Saturday morning, but I wasn’t fast enough to see it before it was down again.

OWL Countdown Cup begins today

The Countdown Cup, the final tournament of the regular season, begins today. Results from today will determine which teams will make it to the postseason. Games kick off with Dallas vs. Paris, then Houston vs. Washington. You can find the schedule here.