It’s been a quiet week again thanks to a holiday in America last weekend, but let’s see what we can eek out.

New Skins to Buy or Earn


The Summer Showdown event skin is out! This month it’s Haroeris Ana. I’m an Ana main and I just love it. A lot of people think the helmet and its asymmetry is weird, but I dig it.

The cost is 200 OWL tokens and is available through Monday, July 19.



For watching four hours of the Summer Showdown between July 15-17, you can earn the Overwatch League skin for D.Va. Previously this skin was available from Twitch, so if you’ve seen before, that’s where it’s from.

When are the Summer Games?

As of this writing the date for the Summer Games hasn’t been announced yet.

Every year except 2019, the Summer Games have started in early August. In 2019 they started on July 16. If I were a betting lady, I’d say Tuesday, August 3 or Thursday, August 5.

Summer Showdown

The knock-outs for the Summer Showdown are this weekend! Also this weekend we’ve got more homestands!

Teams that make it into the final tournament are going to play a few Workshop modes, including Genji Pong, Bastion Stairs, and Tiny Overwatch.

Full Summer Showdown schedule.

The Shanghai Dragons are hosting all weekend, including this morning, with Eastern teams competing in person. In the West, the Dallas Fuel are hosting the first games in the States since before the pandemic.

DOJ allegedly holds inquiry against OWL for anticompetitive soft salary caps

Last Friday, Dot Esports snuck out an article just before the holiday weekend, reporting that sources say the US Department of Justice is investigating the Overwatch League for anticompetitive policies.

The inquiry is into a policy where, if teams exceeded a certain monetary threshold with salaries, they have to pay a luxury tax to the League. In other words, if they go over the “cap,” which is allowed, they just to pay exorbitant fees to the League.

On Tuesday, July 6, the DOJ declined to comment to Dot on if the investigation is even going on at all.

The talk of salaries and investigations has once again brought up the topic of player unions, but players still seem reticent to start or use one.


Open Division Sign-Ups are up!

The next season of Open Division is coming up at the end of the month. Prizing is at $2000 for both North America and European regions each, and top teams will make it to Contenders Trials.

US Signup EU Signup