Cross-Play Coming to Overwatch

The oft-requested feature of Cross-Play is finally coming! Very soon, you will be able to play with friends who play on any console or PC.

When the patch releases, all consoles are combined into one collective pool for all modes (except Competitive). This means that Xbox and Switch players will see PlayStation users in their games, even if they can’t exactly tell. Console players may turn off Cross-Play, limiting their pool of players to play with people only on their own platform. More on Competitive modes below.

With the above in mind, by default, console players will only ever face other console players. The exception is if a console player groups with PC friends. In that case, mixed PC/Console players will be placed into matches with and against other mixed PC/Console players. PC players, who can’t turn off Cross-Play, will be placed with and against other PC players AND mixed PC/Console groups. Again, except Competitive modes. More on that below.

Competitive Modes

With Cross-Play, Competitive players will never be put in mixed console and PC matches. Instead, Competitive modes will have three pools: Console (Cross-Play ON), Console (Cross-Play OFF), and PC. Console players who keep Cross-Play on have the most to gain from this update as the pool of players is about to get larger.

Release Date

We don’t know the exact release date yet, but thanks to the FAQ released by Blizzard, we know it will be June: “There will be some time left in season 28… Competitive Season 29 is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2021.” Based on messaging, this feature should be considered in beta for the time being.

Some Important Notes

Blizzard released a FAQ that covers more than I will here. Here are some of the highlights:

  • For Cross-Play, console players must make a account and link their console(s) to it.
  • Cross-Play is opt-out, except for PC players who cannot.
  • Progression does not carry over between systems.
  • Stats will not be reset.
  • SR will not be reset.
  • Aim-Assist is disabled when playing with PC friends.

Overwatch Pride?

We got a Rainbow player icon. We assume it’s for Pride because it’s June and June is Pride month, but Blizzard hasn’t said a single thing about it publicly. Yay for the rainbow but also ugh. More on this soon in another article.

New Skins

This week, the June Joust OWL skin for Widowmaker was released: Angel of Death. It costs 200 OWL tokens and is available through Monday, June 21.


During the Summer Games Festival, Game Director Aaron Keller revealed the new looks for Sombra and Baptiste in Overwatch 2.




  • The Overwatch League June Joust is underway right now! The finals game is Saturday evening. Atlanta and NYXL are looking fantastic this month! (OWL Website)
  • The Immortality Field for Baptiste players using the Funky skin will be a disco ball in an upcoming patch. (Twitter)
  • Dallas Fuel are hosting live games again soon. Dates will be revealed in the coming days. (Twitter)