Quiet news week this week in Overwatch with no Developer AMA or livestream to talk about. There’s only a few days left of the anniversary event, so get those collectables while you can! Next up is the Summer Games.

Live Patch Buffs and Nerfs Moira and Nerfs Echo by Surprise

The recent Experimental card hit the live servers this week, nerfing McCree and Zarya, and also giving extra, surprise nerfs to Echo and Moira that weren’t in the card.


  • Baptiste Exo-Boots charge time has been reverted to 1 second, up from 0.7 seconds.


  • The cost for Duplicate has been increased 15%.


  • Primary fire - Reload time increased from 1.2 to 1.5 seconds.

  • Combat Roll - Distance reduced by 20%.


  • Coalescence - Resource regeneration is three times higher while ulting.

  • The cost for Coalescence has been increased by 17%.


  • The mount of healing from Life Steal has been increased to 35%, up from 30%.


  • Primary fire - Beam damage now scales from 75-170 DPS, down from 95-170. This weakens her primary fire


Esports Miscellaneous

  • The first Homestand in over a year is being hosted by Hangzhou Spark this weekend! OWL VP shared a video of the Spark “taking over” part of the city skyline. (Twitter)
  • diem (Damage - Shanghai), has retired from competitive Overwatch. diem has been with the Dragons since 2018, with a short time in 2020 when he had been released before being re-signed. (Twitter)
  • McGravy says learn to cook after spending tens of thousands of dollars on delivery over the years. (Twitter)
  • The Florida Mayhem cut ties with Samito after he told someone to kill themselves. (Twitter)
  • Contenders caster LEGDAY made a great video called OWL Planet: Hunting Jimmy that mimics nature documentaries. I loved it and you might, too. (YouTube)