PTR Bug Fixes

The PTR was updated this week, reportedly only with bug fixes. Two of those bug fixes affect Junkrat and Reinhardt.

Junkrat players who knew about the “droptire” bug were disappointed at seeing one of the patch notes this week: “Fixed a bug where using RIP-Tire on a ledge could cause it to appear on the ground underneath.” The droptire has been been in the game quite a while and clever Junkrats who made use of it in secret locations were able to get the jump on unsuspecting enemies. What is the droptire? When Junkrat activates his ultimate in just the right places on ledges, the tire would instead spawn on the ground level below him, no matter how high he was up. Here’s a video of it in action from the Junkrat’s point of view. For everyone else, a deadly tire just appears out of nowhere.

Reinhardt Charge behavior is changing very slightly. When he squishes someone against the wall and they survive, when the target comes out of the slam, the character model will be closer to the wall. It’s a very minor change, but now also will require others to be more exact when using abilities, such as Immortality Field, to try to save them. With the target closer to the wall, the Field generator will have to be slightly further away from corners, for example, to ensure that it protects the target.

The other fixes are:

  • General: Fixed a bug with team composition tips appearing on hero select in non-role-queue 6v6 game modes.
  • Nepal: Fixed a bug that allowed players to stand on top of the bell.
  • Oasis: Fixed a bug that allowed players to stand in an unintended location. (Note: this is not the “Striker” spot) (Twitter) (Note 2: I encountered people trying it in comp soon after that OWL game.)
  • Roadhog: Fixed a bug that caused Toxic Roadhog’s hook to flicker on low settings.


  • It’s the last week for Season 27! It ends on Thursday, May 6.
  • In honor of the OWL Monthly Melee next weekend (6-8), the Overwatch League released the MM-Mei skin for 200 OWL tokens. It is available until May 11. (details)
  • Carpe was the first in the Overwatch League to reach 10,000 eliminations. He did it on Symmetra. (source)
  • Hangzhou Spark removed their primary coaching staff from their positions just a few weeks into the season. (source)
  • Gamespot had a fantastic interview with new Overwatch Game Director Aaron Keller. It’s lengthy but it’s a great interview if you want to get a hint about how his tenure of Overwatch will look. We also got a tease that a very large update coming to the live game “soon,” but no details or hints other than, “A massive number of resources” have been put into the project. (Gamespot)