Experimental Patch

There is a new batch of hero balance changes that might make it to the live servers soon.


  • Healing from his heal projectiles has been lowered from 60 to 50, but direct impacts restore an additional 20 health, rewarding accuracy.

  • Immortality Field now protects allied health to a minimum of 10% max HP instead of 20% max HP.



  • Call Mech damage increased from 50 to 250. SQUISH!


  • When Duplicate ends, Echo’s health returns to either where it was when she activated the ability OR 100 hit points, whichever is higher.


  • Biotic Orb cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.


  • Halt! cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.


  • Armor reduced from 250 to 200, giving him 500 effective hit points instead of 550.


  • Damage from each pellet of his shotgun increased to 6.6, up from 6.


  • Enters Stealth faster and movement speed increase while Stealthed up to 60%, up from 50%.


Game Day!

It’s opening weekend for the Overwatch League 2021 season!

Games begin at 2pm Central US (7pm GMT) with West Division games Houston Outlaws vs. Dallas Fuel, and LA Gladiators vs. the San Francisco Shock. Check out the OWL Schedule page to find out the start times for you and who is playing this weekend. This schedule page also lists any Encore presentations.

Don’t forget that this year you can earn viewer rewards and OWL Tokens by watching on YouTube or the Overwatch League web page.

  • 5 OWL Tokens per hour watched
  • This weekend earn a spray drawn by Desk host Soe Gschwind for watching at least 4 hours live over this weekend. Details were hidden in the rules, away from any place obvious for easy finding.

Esports Miscellaneous News

  • Live OWL events are returning this season in China. The Hangzhou Spark will host the June Joust on June 4-6, the Shanghai Dragons will host the Summer Showdown on July 9-11, and Guangzhou Charge will hold the Countdown Cup on August 7-8. They will be at reduced venue capacity and are subject to change depending on whatever pandemic needs may require on those dates. Teams in Korea playing these teams currently hosted in China will play remotely. (source)
  • SoOn, after being released by the Boston Uprising after visa issues, announced that he is going to play Valorant. (source)
  • Xzi has retired from professional Overwatch and the Dallas Fuel, at least for now, due to medical issues. He hopes it will be a temporary retirement, but doctors encouraged the 19 year old to take a break to help heal a back condition. (source)