OWL Pro Speaks on Racism Faced in Dallas

This week during a stream, Dallas Fuel player Lee “Fearless” Eui-seok talked about racism he and his team have experienced while in Dallas.

Assistant Manager and Translator for the Florida Mayhem translated the comments and put it to a video from the stream that user @cado_ow captured. See the video for the full translation, but here is a snippet.

“Being Asian here is terrifying. Seriously. People keep trying to pick fights with us… Americans will come up to us and there’s even people who deliberately cough on us. They’ll cuss us the fuck out while laughing.”

What’s happening to those players and the hell that so many Asian Americans put up with while in this country is absolutely heartbreaking. They are not alone in receiving hate, but the recent increase is hard to ignore.

OWL 2021 Casting Talent

The 2021 casting lineup for the Overwatch League includes a few new faces and says goodbye to others.

Joining the ranks this year are Victoria “VikkiKitty” Perez and Kevin “AVRL” Walker. Both have been working the Contenders scene for some time. VikkiKitty being picked up by OWL is epic because WE WILL FINALLY HAVE A WOMAN AS A CASTER IN THE OVERWATCH LEAGUE! VikkiKitty has great talent and it’s really cool to see her get to OWL. AVRL recently made headlines with partner Matt “Pixie” Carroll when they were not initially rehired to cast Contenders Korea, but were picked up after an uproar.

VikkiKitty will be casting with Jaws while Jaws’s former partner Hex moves to his new position within the Overwatch League as a producer.

AVRL will be teaming up with Achilios, which also means that Wolf was not asked to return this year. Wolf put out a statement to dispel rumors that he quit, saying that the Overwatch League did not ask him to come back. His messaging sounds like it may be due to scheduling conflicts with his of working with Riot Korea right now as well. He still intends to follow the League and share thoughts and analysis throughout the season.

With Jake announcing a few months ago that he was returning to the Houston Outlaws as a player, this has meant Andrew “ZP” Rush has been without a casting partner. Well, also revealed this week is that DoA will be returning to OWL to duo with ZP.

Sideshow and Bren are returning as a casting duo which I’m super excited about. They put out a hilarious video of Sideshow teaching Bren how to cast again.


Archives Event

This year’s Archives event is back with new collectables and a new way to get the weekly challenge skins.

Soldier, Tracer, Genji, Widowmaker, and Zarya all got skins based on historical military or combat uniforms, of course with their own Overwatch flair. My favorite skin this year is Zarya’s Polyanitsa skin in which Russian Overwatch fansite OverFire made a tweet thread about.

The word “polyanitsa” is derived from the verb “polyakovat’” meaning “riding in the field and fighting with warriors”. That’s what a typical polyanitsa do — she rides free with her sisters-in-arms, looking for a noble fight.

The entire thread is a good read so I suggest clicking the link above.

New for this event is that in order to earn the weekly challenge skins, this year Lucio, Zenyatta, and Mercy, you must earn stars from the event’s PvE modes. Stars are scored based on how well you do in each game you sign up for, and you gain the stars win or lose.

There were no balance changes in this patch, but there were a number of bug fixes, a 3 week Comp 6v6 Lockout Elimination season added to the arcade, and support for Nvidia Reflex was introduced. Patch Notes



  • Terence “SoOn” Tarlier was let go from the Boston Uprising after difficult visa issues. While the Uprising were vague on what happened, SoOn filled in more details in a TwitLonger, saying the visa process had been underway for several months and looks like it was going to take several more months. He couldn’t play from home because being on an NA-based team without a visa was forbidden by the Overwatch League. SoOn is still deciding options, such as streaming or playing Valorant, but says that as a 27 year old, he feels his chances of getting back into OWL are slim.
  • The Philadelphia Fusion put out an update stating they have had difficulty getting Western staff and players relocated to Seoul before the season begins next week, but they are committed to keeping those people on their roster.
  • The Fusion have picked up two new players late into pre-season. Yesterday they announced they picked up Tobi, who was previously support on Seoul Dynasty, and Lunatic-Hai before that. On Wednesday the Fusion also said they had picked off-tank Hotba again. Hotba was previously with the Fusion in Season 1, and later played for Guangzhou Charge and NYXL.
  • Viewers will be able to gain Contenders Viewership Rewards from watching the Collegiate Championships. (source)