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While no specifics are described, today’s Overbuff Recall mentions accusations of sexual assault by a former Overwatch League player.


Former OWL player Sinatraa accused of Sexual Assault; Emotional Abuse

For this story, I use the victim’s name because she has been very public with her accusations and follow up. Guidance from journalism ethics discussions suggest to withhold names unless the victim is willing to speak publicly.

Former San Francisco Shock player Jay “Sinatraa” Won was accused by his ex-girlfriend, Cleo Hernandez, of forcing himself on her, refusing to use contraception, and being emotionally abusive.

In a Google Document, Cleo goes into great detail about the abuse she lived with while she was in a relationship with Sinatraa during his time in the Overwatch League. The document not only includes text, but there are also screenshots of conversations related to incidents and an audio clip of her repeatedly saying no.

Sinatraa has responded with a very short statement saying that Cleo remembers their relationship differently than he does and that he did not assault her.

After news broke out about the allegations, the Sentinels, Sinatraa’s Valorant team, announced that he had been suspended while they investigate the matter. The San Francisco Shock, while no longer affiliated with the former MVP, posted to Twitter saying they do not condone the behavior and emphasized that they have zero tolerance for it.

The Overwatch League announced that they take allegations such as this seriously and support victims. They also announced that soon details will be announced to allow players to return the Zarya Alien skin for a refund of 200 OWL Tokens. This skin had been created to honor Sinatraa’s MVP award after the 2019 season. Honestly I had forgotten it was even associated with Sinatraa because it’s so hard to tell from the skin. On the skin is an OWL badge and an MVP icon, both of which will soon be removed. It’ll just be another Zarya skin for any who choose to keep it. The information in this paragraph has all the details Blizzard has released at time of press. More details will come soon. Watch our Twitter and future Overbuff Recall posts for more information when it’s available.

Two former OWL players, Dafran and Harryhook, one who had previously streamed porn while playing Overwatch and the other who was let go of the Dallas Fuel for sexist comments, are very publicly supporting Sinatraa. In some cases even doubling down on that support. So yeah, that’s happening. Go figure.

ELO Hell Esports Learns it is underpaying talent

Esports broadcasting company Elo Hell Esports (EHE) was in hot water this week after it was discovered they were paying some or all of their talent far below the standard rate in the industry.

This fact was revealed when Overwatch League caster Mitch “Uber” Leslie was publicly upset upon hearing the news that caster Kevin “AVRL” Walker would not be casting Contenders Korea this season, making room for new talent. Uber tweeted:

Ever just wake up wondering why [Elo Hell Esports] are paying their casters ONE FIFTH of the standard rate to do KR/CN contenders, cucking [AVRL] out of a gig he should be a shoo-in for, and why [Overwatch Contenders] are completely cool with this?

Oh just me? Cool


Other Overwatch League talent such as ZP got into the act as well, calling out ELE for his perceived slights against volunteers and other help. Uber continued in another thread, saying AVRL’s current rate was already under the industry standard. There were not confirmed as of press time on Friday.

ELE later released a statement saying they had just learned they “failed to understand caster rates and there’s no good reason.” They also added they were having discussions internally about this.

The next day, AVRL announced that after some new talks, both AVRL and his partner Matt “Pixie” Carroll would be on the Contenders Korea broadcast once again.

All of this goes to further prove just how messed up esports can be. With how much money is thrown at esports by major organizations, most players and media always seem to get the short end of the stick.

*Elo Hell Esports is unaffiliated with our site, Elo Entertainment.


Oh yeah, a patch came out, too

This week on the live servers, both the Pachimari PachiMarchi event began, which gives Roadhog a new Pachimari-themed skin and Junkrat a Pachimari emote, and hero balance changes were dropped. An article interviewing the creator of the Pachimari talks about accidentally making the murloc of Overwatch and provides more detail about Roadhog’s new skin.

Season 27 began this Tuesday after a false start last week due to technical issues.

Also this week, the previous Experimental patch that provided a number of new balance changes went live.

  • Genji - Shiruken damage “increased” by allowing him to fire faster; and Dragon Blade ultimate cost up to make up for the potential extra damage.
  • Mei - The self-healing from her ice block has greatly increased.
  • Pharah - The regeneration of her Hover Jets has increased.
  • Reaper - The damage of each pellet from his shotgun fire has slightly increased.
  • Sigma - He can now re-cast his barrier slightly faster, but still much slower than he could a few months ago.
  • Zarya - Her energy fades slightly faster.

The full patch notes may be found here.