BlizzConline Schedule Released

BlizzConline is in one week! Starting next Friday, February 19 at 4pm Central (10pm GMT), the opening ceremony kicks things off. The opening ceremonies are where Blizzard showcases what’s in store for the year ahead for their franchises, so this is the part to watch if you want to see the major Overwatch 2 announcements.

Friday has about 3.5 hours of content for each of the major franchises, and Saturday 4.5 hours. All content will be available in VODs so you can go back and watch anything you missed. While the events are live, they will be broadcast on Twitch, YouTube, and the BlizzCon website. VODs will be on the BlizzCon website.

Overwatch Schedule

The following events are for the Overwatch-specific events. Be sure to catch the opening ceremonies (time listed above) for the big news announcements.

The live broadcast is very American-centric thanks to the events not beginning until mid-afternoon in California. For our European friends, at least the major announcements will be at a sort of decent time for a weekend night.

Friday, February, 19

  • Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 (5:10p Central / 11:10pm GMT)
  • The Voices of Overwatch (5:50pm Central / 11:50pm GMT)
  • Overwatch: Creating a Soundtrack (7:20pm Central / 1:20am GMT)

Saturday, February 20

  • Shock vs. The World (2pm Central / 8pm GMT)
  • Community Creations in the Workshop (4:05pm Central / 10:05pm GMT)
  • Crafts with Soe (5:05pm Central / 11:05pm GMT)
  • How to Draw Tracer (5:35pm Central / 11:35pm GMT) (Overlaps with part of Soe’s video.)
  • How to Draw Roadhog (6:15pm Central / 12:15am GMT)

Find the full schedule, and in your local time, on the BlizzCon website.

Shock vs. The World

There are five events planned for the Saturday event listed on the OWL website. While there are no descriptions of the events, some of self-explanatory.

  • “12 Hooks, 1 Hole”
  • “Tactical Drawing” - Nero vs. Soe and Mr X
  • “Battle of the Boops” - Crusty vs. LucioDad
  • “Chuckle Challenge” - Super vs. Jeff Kaplan
  • “6v6 Showdown”


Experimental Patch Buffs Reaper’s Range, Nerfs Ball

The Experimental Card received an update this week, this time affecting four different heroes directly. This experiment will likely be available until about 1pm Central on Tuesday, February 16.


Fortify prevents critical headshot damage while active.

This change will reduce the penalty against Orisa for using an ability meant to help.


The spread on his shotguns have had their spread reduced, and the damage per pellet has been reduced by 1.

This change is an experiment to see if Reaper can be effective from a slightly further distance away from enemies instead of being directly in their face.


He has the same HP, but his health and armor have been redistributed, giving him more armor and reduced health. Going from 100400 to 150350.

This change will make him a bit more resistant to beams and shotguns.

Wrecking Ball

The knockback from being hit by Ball has been reduced by 25%.

With the frequency of how much Wrecking Ball could knock enemies around, the devs feel it may be hitting too hard compared to similar abilities from other heroes.

You can read the full patch notes here and the dev explanations of the changes here.


  • Boston Uprising player SoOn did an AMA this week on Reddit. It’s a good read!
  • LhCloudy says, “People don’t know how to play Rein. Rein is not a bad hero, people are just trash at Rein.” (source)
  • A new PTR patch his week offered a plethora of new features to the Workshop. A few examples are more AI bots, new beam effects, and giving any hero the ability to cause status effects such as Stunned, Primal, Nanoboost, and so on. For examples of all the new features, this thread by Andy Bohan, one of the Workshop’s most active creators, show them off. Some with hilarious results. Full patch notes.
  • One of the most famous and best networks for broadcasting esports, OGN, completely shuttered its doors. After repeatedly being kicked around by Blizzard and Riot, the pandemic finally wounded their ability to broadcast major esports. This isn’t new news, but former APEX and OWL caster Wolf shared a number of pictures of the arena one last time on social media. I truly miss this era of Overwatch. I used to watch as many of the broadcasts I could back in the day. Akshon Esports did a video a few weeks ago about the Rise and Fall of OGN with interviews from former talent.