BlizzConline is now less than a month away and it sounds like Overwatch 2 is much further away. :(

Experimental Patch - Nerfs for Three Heroes

Three heroes were tapped with the nerf bat in the latest Experimental patch.

  • Echo - Ammo reduced from 15 to 12 and the duration of her Focusing Beam is reduced from 2.5 seconds down to 2. She was deemed to be performing too well against high health targets. This change is intended to still keep her potentially strong against non-tanks.
  • Tracer - The range for her damage falloff has been changed, mostly reduced. Damage falls off between 12-20 meters now instead of 13-23 meters. Developers say she was a bit more threatening at mid-range than intended.
  • Zenyatta - This Orb of Harmony (heal) and Orb of Discord move slower to their targets, and Discord’s damage amplification has been reduced from 30% to 25%. The orb movement now moves at the same speed as his primary fire, and it was felt the damage amplification is a bit too much with how quickly it can be applied and how much damage boost it provides.

(Full patch notes.)


Kanezaka Tournament This Weekend

The Kanezaka tournament for $10,000 USD begins today! This 4v4 deathmatch tournament on the new map will play out on Friday and Saturday off-air, with the semifinals and finals taking place on Sunday and broadcast on the Overwatch League YouTube channel.

Each team is allowed to have up to two OWL players, and we already have some “celebrity” teams that include BenBest, SoOn, and Poko.

There are three regions for this tourney, Korea, North America, and Europe/Middle East/Africa, all with their own prize pool.

Information on which regions will be broadcast is a bit confusing. The Overwatch League Twitter account suggests that only the North American games will be broadcast (11am Pacific), but when going to the tournament page for the EU region, it suggests they will be broadcast at 11am GMT. Where though, who knows? There is also no mention at all if the Korean games being broadcast. If they are, and they go with the 11am theme, it would be 6pm Pacific on Saturday / 2am GMT Sunday.

Kanezaka announcement website.

Miscellaneous News

  • Junkertown has returned to Quick Play and Competitive modes. The only reason we heard why it was removed back on December 18, 2020 was, “an issue with Junkertown resulting in an uptick in collapsed matches.” (removal source) (return source)
  • Jake is returning to the Houston Outlaws as a player after retiring from professional play to cast for the Overwatch League. On the move, Jake says last year here wasn’t prepared mentally to play another season, but now he feels ready to go again. (source)
  • Jehong, streamer for Gen.G, has been reprimanded by his organization after saying very sexist language in a recent stream and also doubling down on what he said before giving a half-hearted apology. For his actions, Jehong has been suspended from team-related activities until further notice. (source)
  • It’s reported that evidence that former Boston Uprising player Mouffin had inappropriately spoken to minors was fabricated. This does not, however, change that he did so with adult women. (source)