It’s been very quiet in the world of Overwatch yet again. That should change in about a week and a half when Winter Wonderland comes out. We did get issue 3 of the “London Calling” Tracer comic though!

Experimental Patch buffs Reinhardt

Reinhardt got his first buff since May! (I use that term pretty loosely because in May his head hitbox was adjusted so he was harder to headshot from behind.)

In this patch, hammer damage was increased from 75 to 85 per swing and his base armor was upped from 200 to 250. The intent here is to help keep him as a stronger presence when he’s up close to enemies. With the wording from Blizzard’s developers, it sounds like the hammer change is being watched very closely and might be the first thing toned back if it proves to be too strong.

D.Va’s armor to health ratio was adjusted, changing her armor to health from 200400 to 300300. Similar to Rein, this change is intended to help her stay alive a bit longer when she’s up close with enemies, especially against those with shotguns and beams.

Baptiste was nerfed in this experiment, increasing the cost of his ultimate by 15%, and reducing the health of his Immortality Field from 200HP to 150HP. I can’t be the only one who noticed that once again it seems like every team fight or two I hear, “Vide bal sou yo!” from the red team.

You can read the official patch notes here and the developer explanations here.


Contenders Gauntlet Begins!

The Gauntlet is back! In the past the Gauntlet pit different regions of Contenders teams that normally wouldn’t play with each other, but because of 2020, it’s turning into a regional format with tournaments in APAC, Europe, North America, and South America.

Don’t forget that you can also earn Contenders skins for watching a certain number of hours of live broadcasts. For December the skins are Junkrat (7 hours) and Zenyatta (15 hours). Symmetra and Mercy skins from October are also available for 18 and 20 hours respectively.

  • South America started today, December 4.
  • Asia, Europe, and North America all begin next week on Thursday, December 10.

You can see the full schedule on the Contenders website, with each region’s tab of info immediately under the massive banner that takes up most of the screen. It’s easy to miss if you’re just skimming through.