After Halloween Terror, outside of Overwatch League player announcements, it’s been really quiet in the world of Overwatch. Unless Blizzard decides to reveal more about Overwatch 2 before BlizzConline, it’s likely to stay that way except for balance patches and the Winter Wonderland event that’s coming in a few weeks.

In any case, my comp playtime lowered this week because I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.


Quality of Life Improvements in latest Experimental Patch

This patch is mostly to try out small improvements for a number of heroes to make them feel better while playing. That said, there are balance changes for Brigitte and Moira.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Ana - Biotic Grenade will pass through allies at full health. ((THANK YOU!!))
  • Hanzo - Storm Arrows can be manually canceled.
  • Mei - Ice Wall can be manually destroyed while dead.
  • Pharah - Can use crouch to accelerate downwards with her Hover Jets.
  • Symmetra - Her Teleporter can be manually destroyed while dead.
  • Torbjorn - His Turret can be manually destroyed while dead.

Balance Changes

  • Brigitte - Base health reduced from 175 to 150.
  • Moira - Healing resource consumption rate reduced from 14 to 12.5.

For Brigitte this reverts the recent health increase she got in the Halloween patch back to where she was before that. The change for Moira means that she can heal for up to 1 extra second from 100% full resources.


Contenders 2020 Season 2 Champions

In the past week, Contenders Season 2 for the year has wrapped up in all regions except Europe and North America, which still have their November tournaments remaining.


  • Australia: Ground Zero Gaming (4-0 vs. Mindfreak)
  • China: Flag Gaming (4-3 vs. Team CC)
  • Europe: British Hurricane (October) (4-0 vs. Obey Alliance)
  • Korea: WGS Phoenix (4-3 vs. RunAway)
  • North America (October): Odyssey (3-1 vs. Revival)
  • South America: Majestidos (4-0 vs. Dignity)

Contenders Gauntlet

The top teams in each region will either be in, or have earned a chance to try for, the 2020 Contenders Gauntlet that was announced last week, taking place in December.

In both North America and Europe, all the teams in the November tournaments will be in the Gauntlet for their regions, joined by teams who make it through the Open Bracket qualifiers that begin at the end of November.

It’s a similar story for South America which gets their first Gauntlet this year, the top four teams from the Season 2 playoffs and top four teams up from an upcoming Open Bracket qualifier will participate.

In Asia, the top 4 teams from Korea Season 2, China Season, the Australian champions, and the winner of the Pacific ACE Championship will participate in a Group Stage weekend before the final competition.