PTR and Experimental Patches

PTR Update

This week’s PTR added a new option for custom games, the ability to set the minimum latency for a match. In an attempt to make online tournaments more fair, lobby creators can set the minimum latency of the lobby to a specific number, so that anyone whose connection is faster than that number is slowed down to meet that setting. Any latency that’s higher than the minimum is unaffected. The range for this setting is 0 to 150ms.

A new map was also added to the custom games, a green screen map. This had recently been created by Workshop editors, and Blizzard thought it was such a great idea that they built one into the game. Original Green Screen in the workshop: AND2Y (Reddit link).

The Workshop got a number of new features and tools for creators and there were a fair amount of bug fixes. The full list of these can be found in the PTR patch notes.


Hero Updates

On the PTR, Lucio’s Wall Ride no longer requires a second use of the jump button when he bounces off the wall to get a speed boost. This can be turned off under Lucio’s control options. Lucio will also be able to cancel any Wall Ride by pressing the Crouch button.

Also on the PTR, the Grappling Claw for Wrecking Ball has improved target detection for more consistency.

Experimental Update

This Experimental Card is intended to address Baptiste and Mei, who Blizz feels is on the weak side right now, and to also test changing some heroes’ health by 25 HP instead of their default 50 HP at a time.

  • Baptiste - Primary fire is slightly faster but does slightly less damage. Secondary fire is slightly slower but does more healing for each shot. His Amplification Matrix is now widescreen.
  • Mei - Cryo-Freeze regenerates ammo at a rate of 15 ammo per second. The cooldown on Ic Wall reduced by 1 second to 11 seconds.
  • Brigitte - HP up from 150 to 175.
  • McCree - HP up from 200 to 225. Reload time slightly faster.
  • Symmetra - Shields up from 100 to 125.
  • Widowmaker - HP down from 200 to 175.

Full Experimental patch notes.


Rosterpocalypse 2020

At the end of every OWL season teams step back and re-evaluate their rosters, deciding who will help them reach their goals of winning the Grand Finals. As with all years, some only let go of a handful, while others wipe the roster clear and start over. Other teams may pick them up or they live under free agency until they retire.

There are a number of player trackers out there already such as’s or the Overwatch League’s which they report will come out later today (Friday). It has not gone live as of press time.

The Overwatch League has put out a Player Contract Status page that displays who is still under contract with their team, whose teams have decided to extend their contract with them, and which players are considered Free Agents. Note that some Free Agents may still be picked up by their team, it just means that those players are allowed to see if a better offer comes from another team. (OWL Player Contract Status)


These players have outright decided to stop playing Overwatch professionally.

  • aKm (Dallas Fuel) retired to play Valorant. (source)
  • Coolmatt69 (Houston Outlaws) became GM of Houston Outlaws. (source)
  • Fragi retired to raid in World of Warcraft competitively. (source)
  • Gamsu (Dallas Fuel) retired to return to League of Legends. (source)
  • Haksal (NYXL) retires. (source) (Instagram)
  • Trill (Dallas Fuel) retired to play Valorant. (source)

London Spitfire Restart… Again

This week the London Spitire announced that Noukky, General Manager of the British Hurricane, has now become the General Manager of the London Spitfire.

Noukky has been the GM for the Hurricane, Spitfire’s academy team since February of 2018.

In the video announcing the move, Noukky outlined the future of the Spitfure under her management.

”We are going to build a team that is representative of the EU and will develop the best talent there is in the region. We are aiming for a full rehaul of the roster, I know, once again, and we’ll focus on Western, and especially European, talent”

She also added that as one of the two Overwatch League teams that still support their academy team, the Spitfire will continue to work with the Hurricane for the next year. The Hurricane is one of the tier 2 teams that has sold the most players to OWL teams.

As a part of this plan, she laid down what she feels are realistic expectations, saying it’ll be unlikely the Spitfire will be a top 5 team any time soon, but promised that the Spitfire will be a team the European region will be proud of.