Shock Win OWL 2020 Championship

The San Francisco Shock defeated the Seoul Dynasty to become the two-time Overwatch League Champions!

Going to map 6 in the first to 4 series, Seoul was having serious issues taking Point A on Hollywood and San Francisco took advantage of it, forcing Overtime on the Dynasty. Then in the streets phase, Shock barely let the Dynasty make any progress and soon shut them down for the win.

For their victory, San Francisco took home $1.5 million (USD) and Seoul earned $750,000 (USD). For third place, the Shanghai Dragons won $450,000 (USD) and for fourth, Philadelphia Fusion won $350,000 (USD).


Halloween Terror, Improved Profanity Filter, and Elevator Changes

Halloween Terror 2020

Halloween Terror is back with new skins and new Junkenstein modes to spice things up a bit.

Sombra, Brigitte, and Echo have new skins tied to the weekly “win 9 games” challenges, while D.Va, Sigma, Winston, and the Shimada brothers all have new skins from loot boxes. Check out our Twitter to see all of the new skins, highlight intros, and victory poses if you haven’t been able to pop into the game yet.

While the main Junkenstein’s Revenge modes are the same as they have been in recent years, the 2020 version includes new Challenge Modes. Each week of the event, two new versions of the game are released, each with a new spray reward for winning. We will not know what the future weeks’ modes will look like until Tuesday of each week, but for Week 1 there is Frenzied Stampede where the zomnics all move faster, and Vengeful Ghost where an invulnerable ghost follows different players randomly throughout the match, hurting them if it comes into contact with them. Stay tuned to our Twitter page for information on the new modes as they’re released.

The addition of challenge modes began with the Archives event earlier this year and have been very appreciated to add more life to these old game modes.

Patch Changes

Outside of the event, a few recent PTR and Experimental changes were pushed to the live servers.

  • Soldier: 76 - The bullet spread on his primary fire was removed, constant recoil added, ammo increased from 25 to 30, and damage lowered by 1 on each bullet from 30 to 29.
  • Reinhardt - His friendly ultimate line has changed to “For the Crusaders!” after confusing players for years by screaming “Hammer Down!” for both teammates and enemies.
  • Elevators now wait for a player to land on them to go up rather than moving up and down on their own.
  • The Profanity Filter has been improved to allow more control for the player on what type of text messages they are okay with seeing in-game from unfiltered to mature to friendly. Unfiltered lets everything through, Mature allows general swearing like f-bombs but disallows slurs and similar, while Friendly tries to block anything inappropriate. Players have control of the level of filter on the different forms of text chat such as match chat, group chat, and whispers.
  • Another season of Competitive 3v3 started up!

Here are the full patch notes that also include various bug fixes.

Known Patch Issues

Here is a list of some of the tracked issues introduced with this new patch. Blizzard sometimes keeps a list of these on their forums. The list is not meant to be all-encompassing.

  • D.Va - her new Shin-Ryeong skin uses the wrong footstep sounds.
  • Sigma - his new Flying Dutchman skin does not animate properly with some emotes, victory poses, or highlight intros.
  • Soldier: 76 - his arms will animate unnaturally while ulting.
  • Sombra - if she teleports the exact moment her Translocator is destroyed, it results in the wrong elimination message.


Earn Contenders Skins

Players can now earn Contenders skins to use in-game.

With a system similar to earning OWL Tokens, by watching Contenders Live content each month on the Contenders website, players can earn up to two Home/Away skins a month. Each month there is a rotation of two new heroes to earn rewards for.

All players will earn Genji just for signing in to Overwatch, and then for October the Symmetra skin will come after 7 hours of watching and Mercy after 15 hours. The schedule is listed on the Contenders website above, but an easier to read version can also be found on website in the Upcoming Matches column.

Players who participate in Contenders itself get all skins unlocked. There have been reports of a few people who have never been a part of Contenders still getting all the skins.


  • There have been a massive number of player releases, trades, and contracts have expired. Oct 12 was the deadline to submit trades for review to OWL, and today (Oct 16) is the deadline to extend contracts. Teams may begin signing Free Agents next Saturday, October 24. I’ve opted to not create a list this year because it happens so frequently, but sites like have started one.
  • The London Spitfire just announced that Noukky, GM for their Academy team the Hurricane, is becoming GM for London. (Source)
  • The second issue of the “Tracer - London Calling” comic came out this week. This issue deals with the events leading up to and during the Tracer/Widowmaker cinematic that came out around the launch of Overwatch. (source)
  • Blizzard is closing their office in Versailles, France. They’ve tried twice to reduce the number of employees at that office in the past year and a half or so but courts would not allow it. It sounds like this time Blizzard is just opting to close the office entirely. There was a call for a strike to take place this last Wednesday, but I also could not find any news that the strike occurred. If there is, it’s not in English. (PC Gamer)