PTR Brings Changes for Elevators, an Improved Profanity Filter, and New Voice Lines

The PTR was updated with a handful of changes and improvements to Overwatch.

Elevators now wait on the ground “floor” until someone steps on them. They will then begin to ascend a brief moment later, first giving anyone nearby to jump on as well.

Friendly Reinhardt is getting a new ultimate line, yelling, “For the Crusaders!” Currently on the live servers he yells, “Hammer down!” for friendly and enemy players, leading to potential confusion.


Profanity Filter Improvements

The largest change on the PTR is the improved profanity filter system. The new filter allows for players more control over what they will see in text chat instead of the default “on or off” system in place now.

The most strict filter is called FRIENDLY, where the system will attempt to filter out as many obscene, vulgar, or offensive words it can. Blizzard reports that they will constantly update this list as required.

The default setting (at least on the PTR) is called MATURE, where the system will try to filter out extremely offensive words.

The final setting is called UNFILTERED where anything is allowed to come through.

Lastly, you will be able to have different settings in each chat channel: General, Match, Team, Party, and Whispers.

New Karaoke Lines

Ashe, Baptiste, and Widowmaker all now have lines for the Busan noraebang. Ashe sings a line about how much McCree will regret crossing her and a few lines of “Home on the Range.” Baptiste is hesitant to sing, but them raps out a few lines about healing and his Immortality Field, and Widowmaker sings, “One shot, one kill. One shot, one kill,” and a line in French.

You can watch a video of all three performing on our Twitter here.

Full PTR Patch Notes.

Live Patch Brings Bountiful Balance Changes

Okay maybe not bountiful, but I liked the alliteration. There were a bunch though!

Almost all of the Experimental Card changes from last Friday evening were pushed through in a Live patch this week.

  • Ashe Dynamite damage reduced from 75 to 50.
  • Baptiste ultimate cost reduced by 15%.
  • McCree Combat Roll goes 20% further, and Flashbang lasts 0.8 seconds, up from 0.7.
  • Orisa armor back to 250, up from 200, and projectile speed increased to 120, up from 90.
  • Roadhog Hook now pulls targets closer to him (3 meters instead of 3.5).

The only change from the Experimental card that did not go through was the one where McCree was given the ability to use Combat Roll while in the air. This short-lived experiment led to some major changes to how McCree could be played, such as being able to jump the gap on Lijiang Gardens.

Full Patch Notes with developer comments.


OWL All-Stars Asia This Weekend

All-Stars for 2020 is split between Asia and North Pacific regions, with the Asia games beginning in the early morning tomorrow (Saturday as of this writing).

  • Asia: Saturday, September 26 beginning at 1am Pacific (8am GMT)
  • North America: Saturday, October 3 beginning at 12pm Pacific (7pm GMT)

The Asia games will also have more events than the NA games, all detailed below.

All-Stars Players

The full rosters can be seen on the OWL website.


  • All-Star Game with four maps with different rules each: Map 1 (standard 6v6); Map 2 (teams pick opponent’s roster); Map 3 (Tiny Overwatch where heroes are tiny and grow as they do more damage/healing); Map 4 (tiebreaker Control map if needed where each round teams will have either all Damage, all tanks, or all support).
  • Widowmaker 1v1 - Eight players in a single-elimination tournament.
  • Talent Takedown with different rulesets per region - Asia QP Classic where, on each of the two maps, each team selects a buff for each such as Total Mayhem, low gravity, 2x damage/healing/movement, or Mystery Heroes. In NA Map 1 will have to use Genji/Tracer, Map 2 is GOATS, Map 3 will have to use Widowmaker/Tracer, and Map 4 if needed, standard.


  • Winston 1v1 tournament (4 participants) where each must be the first to knock a neutral Wrecking Ball into the Well.
  • Genji 1v1 tournament (4 participants).
  • Ana FFA tournament (9 participants).

2020 All-Stars Skins

This year’s All-Stars skins will go on sale this coming Tuesday for 200 OWL Tokens each.

Using the earth and heavens motif this year, we have Gaia Reinhardt and Celestial D.Va. They will be 200 League Tokens each and go ON SALE FOR TWO WEEKS starting Tuesday, September 29 through Monday, October 12.*

*Typically when an event says it ends on a certain day, it lasts until about 11am Pacific the next day. Don’t assume it will always be this way, but you may have a small grace period.