Patch - Tracer Comic Challenge, 3v3 Season, Leaver Penalty Change, and Workshop Update

Tracer Comic Challenge

Tracer is the subject of the most recent multi-week challenge, where players can earn special Tracer-themed items based on a new, 5 issue comic series that debuted this week. Like past events, rewards are based on the number of wins you earn, and how much of any Overwatch stream (cumulative) you watch during the event.

The skin for this event fuses comic panels from the comics on Tracer’s leggings and has classic onomatopoeia words comics use to describe action such as “POW!” and “ZAP!” on her pistols. When she punches enemies there is a different audio cue, and if she uses any of the new sprays that has text, she’ll say the words on the spray, like “PEW PEW!” At hero select, this Tracer will also say lines referring to the comic.

Link to issue 1 of 5 of London Calling.


Patch Notes

This live patch also added a 3v3 Competitive Elimination season, increased the competitive leaver penalty by leading to a season ban more quickly, and the Workshop now allows for hero and barrier scaling. This new ability to scale has already led to the creation of the Mythic Boss Fight for 4-5 players, and a funny mode in that is going to be used during the All-Stars Games described below. Mythic Boss Fight code: PDP3T and details.

OWL All-Stars Rosters, Events, and Skins Announced

This week the Overwatch League announced the players who will take part in the 2020 All-Stars games and the events that will make up the day.

As previously reported, the 2020 All-Stars games are going to be split between the Asia region and North America region, and be played on separate weekends.

  • Asia: Saturday, September 26 beginning at 1am Pacific (8am GMT)
  • North America: Saturday, October 3 beginning at 12pm Pacific (7pm GMT)

All-Stars Players

The full rosters can be seen on the OWL website.

All-Stars Events

The events will look similar to past years but have some added flair, and Asia will have extra events NA will not have.


  • All-Star Game with four maps with different rules each: Map 1 (standard 6v6); Map 2 (teams pick opponent’s roster); Map 3 (Tiny Overwatch where heroes are tiny and grow as they do more damage/healing); Map 4 (tiebreaker Control map if needed where each round teams will have either all Damage, all tanks, or all support).
  • Widowmaker 1v1 - Eight players in a single elimination tournament.
  • Talent Takedown with different rulesets per region - Asia QP Classic where, on each of the two maps, each team selects a buff for each such as Total Mayhem, low gravity, 2x damage/healing/movement, or Mystery Heroes. In NA Map 1 will have to use Genji/Tracer, Map 2 is GOATS, Map 3 will have to use Widowmaker/Tracer, and Map 4 if needed, standard.


  • Winston 1v1 tournament (4 participants) where each must be the first to knock a neutral Wrecking Ball into the Well.
  • Genji 1v1 tournament (4 participants).
  • Ana FFA tournament (9 participants).


2020 All-Stars Skins

This year D.Va and Reinhardt are getting the OWL All-Stars skins! Using the earth and heavens motif this year, we have Gaia Reinhardt and Celestial D.Va. They will be 200 League Tokens each and go ON SALE FOR TWO WEEKS starting Tuesday, September 29 through Monday, October 12.*

*Typically when an event says it ends on a certain day, it lasts until about 11am Pacific the next day. Don’t assume it will always be this way, but you may have a small grace period.

OWL 2020 Final Four

Last weekend was the end of the Grand Finals Playoffs, and the four teams who made it through to the Final Four are the Shanghai Dragons, Seoul Dynasty, Philadelphia Fusion, and San Francisco Shock.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s finals are going to be a bit different. There is not going to be an in-person LAN event, but the Fusion and Shock are flying to Korea to be in the same server region. In fact, the Fusion and Shock have already arrived in Korea and are staying in quarantine for the new few weeks.

The Fusion and Shock have been provided laptops from the Overwatch League, and each team has been allowed to bring their own peripherals.

There is a full FAQ on the OWL website that goes a bit more in-depth to the above.


  • Fleta was announced as the 2020 OWL MVP!
  • Mr. X told us the 2020 OWL script 2 years ago with surprising accuracy. (source)
  • Profit was the first OWL player to get 10,000 eliminations. (source)
  • Shock awarded themselves championship rings for their 2019 victory. (source)