Season 24 is here!

Each season special steps must be taken in order to get competitive stats to show on your profile. Full details are on our blog, with caveats listed, but the short version is:

1) Ensure your Overwatch profile is PUBLIC. 2) Visit your Overbuff profile. 3) Play comp and close OW. 4) Visit your Overbuff profile again then repeat step 3.

You may need to do Step 4 a few times. The number of games played in the current season before Step 2 is irrelevant. The system needs to see new games from Step 2 and on.


Roadhog Nerf, Shotgun Buffs Go Live

This week the much anticipated Roadhog nerf went live. There were also changes to Torbjorn and shotguns in general.

Roadhog has been a dominating force for the past month thanks to changes made to him on August 15. Those changes reduced his ammo and made him fire slower, but offset that by increasing the damage for each bullet of his shotgun from 150 damage to 175 damage. The change made this week puts the max damage back to 150 and keeps his ammo lower and fire rate slower. This effectively makes him “worse” than he was before mid-August. It’s too soon to see if we’ll see him less, but anecdotally I’ve seen him pop-up less in the past day.

Shotguns in Overwatch, and in many first-person shooters, try to emulate real shotguns by having shotguns fire lots of small bullets. For example, Roadhog’s gun shoots 25 bullets at once that do 6 damage each. Another aspect for “real-ness” is that when these game weapons fire, they shoot these small bullets in a random pattern. This means hypothetically if you were in a 1v1 against someone and neither of you moves, if you shot your target’s arm twice, some bullets that hit in one shot may miss on the second.

This patch removes that random pattern, making these weapons feel more consistent with each shot, hypothetically allowing players to do more consistent damage. Your mileage may vary. The heroes that this affects are Ashe (Coach Gun), Doomfist (Hand Cannon), D.Va (Fusion Cannons), Reaper (Hellfire Shotguns), Roadhog (Scrap Gun), Torbjorn (Rivet Gun secondary fire).

Torbjorn also technically saw a nerf because the shotgun part of his weapon fires slower but he does more damage at close range, making him more of an angry demon in brawls.

Full Patch Notes from Blizzard.


Overwatch League Playoffs

This is the final weekend of the playoffs for the 2020 season!

In North America, the two teams in the Winners Bracket are the Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock. Four teams are competing to see who will face the loser of that match, but first they must fight each other for that right: Atlanta vs. Florida and LA Valiant vs. Washington. Games begin Friday, September 11.

In Asia, both the Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty are fighting in the Winners Bracket. The loser of this match will play against the winner of Guangzhou vs. NYXL.


  • Toronto Defiant co-owner says “difficult decisions” will be coming soon after an “unacceptable performance.” (source) While this type of news is not unheard of at the end of a season, owners don’t typically just come right out and say it, they just drop players. They have already let go of Interim Head Coach Lilbow.
  • Pine, retired OWL player for NYXL, said on a recent stream that he would like to return to the OWL. (source)
  • Birdring (LA Gladiators) was seen collapsing on camera after the Gladiators vs. Defiant match last week. The team later stated that he was dizzy when he stood up but is OK now. He had been playing with, or was recovering from, the flu. (source)