Scaling Power Experimental Card

Earlier this week a new Experimental card came out that tweaked a large number of heroes, mostly by slightly reducing their “power.” For most heroes this means that their ammo was lowered or slowing their fire rate, but there are a few outliers and at least one buff.

Before the hero changes, one general change was made so that beams are slightly less effective against armor. This change affects Moira’s secondary fire, Symmetra’s primary fire, Winston’s weapon, and Zarya’s primary fire.

  • Ana - Ammo reduced from 14 to 12.
  • Ashe - Ammo reduced from 15 to 12; secondary fire damage reduced from 85 to 80.
  • Baptiste - Healing ammo reduced from 12 to 12; Regenerative Burst total healing cut in half except for its self-heal.
  • Junkrat - Primary fire damage reduced from 50 to 40.
  • McCree - Fire rate increased by 0.08 seconds to being able to fire every 0.50 seconds.
  • Moira - Lingering heal almost reduced by half, and heal resource consumption increased by 27%, but primary healing also slightly increased. Her secondary fire now needs to be more exact, but resources gained by “sucking” on enemies regains resources by 50%.
  • Orisa - Halt! radius increased to 5, up from 4 and it travels slightly slower. This doesn’t undo its recent nerf but reduces how much it was nerfed.
  • Pharah - Fire rate increased by 0.10 seconds to being able to fire every 0.85 seconds.
  • Symmetra - Secondary fire damage reduced slightly.
  • Widowmaker - Ammo increased from 30 to 35, but her scoped in ammo cost is also up from 3 to 5 ammo so it equals out to no change. There is also now damage falloff of 50% between 60-86 meters, removing her ability to snipe people from across the entire map like on Ilios Ruins.
  • Zarya - Cost of her secondary fire increased from 20 to 25. This returns it to pre-December 2019 levels.

If any or all of these changes go live, with how recent, similar, Experimental cards have gone, we may see them go live next week.

In a post describing why these changes are being tested, developers stated that with recent changes to tanks, the feedback has been that the game feels too fast. Since there are fewer barriers, they feel like they can tone back a number of changes to heroes.

There is also a good chance that these aren’t the only changes to be expected, only that this yet is another wave of changes.



  • Contenders teams per (some) regions: Korea - 549; China - ~500; NA - 162; EU - 145. (source)
  • Gatumchun translated a recent stream from Jehong stating he wants to continue his OWL career but as a player, not a coach or general manager. (source)
  • Soe announced her marriage on Instagram. (source)
  • A PTR patch fixes a handful of Genji bugs. (source)
  • Bischu, tank for the Gladiators, said he lost both his grandparents to natural causes and COVID last week. (source)
  • Hangzhou Spark have announced their partnership with anime character Misaka Mikoto. (source) She was part of the early logo concept art for the Spark when they were going to be named Railgun.