Experimental Patch Focuses on Moira Again

This week the Experimental card was updated with some big changes to Moira, but developers were quick to point out that these changes were unlikely to reach the live servers as presented. Here are the team’s comments on what is in this card.

  • Biotic Grasp’s attach angle will still be reduced by 37%, requiring her Secondary Fire ability to require more accuracy.
  • Rather than being based on proximity, Damage Orb will now deal damage by attaching to enemies. This is accompanied by changes that will require the ability to require more accuracy than the current iteration as well.
  • Fade will phase out nearby allies as it did in the previous test, but will no longer permit Moira or allies to escape Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux (this will also apply to Reaper’s Wraith Form). We’ve also removed the previously tested cleansing effects. Given the power of Fade, we’ve also increased the cooldown slightly.

You can read the full patch notes discussing numbers here.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a few iterations on Moira appear on the Experimental card. Because Moira is good at pumping out a lot of healing and has decent damage, she’s regarded as an “easy” or “cheap” hero. Blizzard has stated their goal for Moira and changes such as these are that she’s fun to play, want her to have opportunities to make big plays, and to make her feel skillful and dynamic.

For this test, Blizzard also wanted to show the community what it looks like when they iterate on a hero behind the scenes, showing changes and trials that occur over time until they get to where they ultimately end up on a hero.


Final Weekend of the OWL Regular Season

Last weekend’s games helped secure a top seed for the Shanghai Dragons and Philadelphia Fusion for the playoffs in their respective regions, but this weekend will help fill out the remainder of the brackets.

NA games begin today, Friday, August 21, with Vancouver vs. Boston, and Gladiators vs. Florida. See the full schedule for the weekend on OWL’s site here.

The playoffs begin in just under two weeks on Thursday, September 3.

OWL, Hex, and Exhaustion

The 2020 season of the Overwatch League is on its tail end, having started back on February 8. It’s hard to believe that the season has been going on for 7 months already and that we actually had a few homestand games before the pandemic truly hit worldwide.

After such a long season, exhaustion begins to come into play for not only players and team staff, but also production. This was particularly evident last weekend when caster Hex, hosting the late night APAC games with Achillios, had a rough night. In the cast Hex went off on tangents about teams that weren’t playing, making comments about sponsors, and even swearing a bit. The community had a field day of the night, making clips of flubs, and some calling for his removal as a caster. Still, a contingent of fans and viewers were also quick to defend him. It’s not easy work in the best of conditions, plus having to stay up late to cast games overseas, not to mention whatever may be going on in a person’s life, can have a profound impact on someone’s mentality.

In a post on the matter after the fact, and after a day off, Hex talked about what had led up to that broadcast, but also discussed some personal details about his life that he doesn’t speak on very often. Hex’s insomnia had hit him hard and he used some sleeping pills, something he doesn’t like to do. The next day when he woke up, he had no recollection of the night.

Taking some time off, he closed with these thoughts:

”I’m no expert, I don’t know what fixes all this. I’ve got a lot of resources to lean on, so just as a layman I’ll say that what I have learned is to be more aware of what you’re not dealing with, because it will find a way to deal with you.”