Quick Play Stats Update

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Live Patch changes Brigitte and other heroes

Most of last week’s Experimental changes went live this week, with only one change for Symmetra not making it through testing.

  • Brigitte - Her base health has been reduced so she has 200 HP with armor instead of 250 HP. Her healing power changed as well, reducing how much healing she grants with Inspire, but removing the self-healing penalty as well.

  • Orisa - Health reduced to 400 HP after changing her armor from 250 to 200. Her Halt! ball travels faster and its radius has been reduced from 7m to 4m.

  • Pharah - She can move faster with her Hover Jets, but the regeneration rate on their fuel has been reduced. Pharah’s Rocket Barrage ultimate length has been reduced from 3s to 2.5s.

  • Roadhog - Reverts some past changes made quite a while ago, reducing his ammo back to 5, increasing the damage per projectile, and slightly increased the recovery time between shots.

  • Sigma - His barrier health has been reduced to 700 HP, down from 900, and it recharges slower, while Kinetic Grasp had its cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12.

  • Symmetra - Her teleporter cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds. On the Experimental card an additional change that increased the delay in losing charge on her primary fire did not make it to live.

  • Zenyatta - His alternate fire charges slightly faster, and the speed of the orbs when they launch go slightly faster.

Full Live patch notes.

According to Overwatch League Vice President Jon Spector, this latest live patch is the one that will be used in this year’s OWL season playoffs.


PTR Patch

This week’s PTR patch doesn’t make any hero changes, but it does further work on the Hero Scaling feature coming to the Workshop, and fixes a number of bugs for heroes, most related to Victory Poses and Highlight Intros.

Full PTR patch notes.

OWL MVP Voting

Voting for the 2020 MVP has started and you can vote either on the OWL website or on Twitter by tweeting the player name and using the #OWLMVP. Voting lasts until August 27.


OWL All-Stars Details

This year the All-Stars event will be split up over two weekends, with one for the Asia region, and the second for the North America region. The Asia games will be on Saturday, September 26, and the NA games will be Saturday, October 3.

Voting for All-Stars players is open on the OWL site until August 27 (same date as the MVP voting).

The planned matches are the 6v6 Talent Takedown, Widowmaker 1v1, and All-Stars 6v6 game. A note about the planned matches says games may be added or substituted by match day.

OWL Grand Finals Details

The Grand Finals weekend is set to take place beginning on Thursday, October 8 and continue through Saturday, October 10 when the Grand Finals will take place. The top two teams from NA after the conclusion of the regional tournament on September 12 will head to Asia (the location still has not been provided), and they have the better part of 3 weeks to account for travel and quarantine.

If, for whatever reason, the NA teams are unable to make it to Asia, the Grand Finals will be altered this year so there are regional champions instead of overall champions. West Coast US fans will need to wake up extra early as games start at 6 am Pacific.


Miscellaneous News

  • Alyssa Wong, writer for Overwatch has left Blizzard. We’ll see much of her latest work in Overwatch 2. (source)
  • Tikatee, former Assistant Coach for the Dallas Fuel, shared a post titled “How the Dallas Fuel and Overwatch World Cup changed my Coaching Philosophy”. (source)
  • Prior to broadcast on Sunday, Soe announced she wouldn’t be on the show that day. She later provided difficult details. (source)
  • After leaving the Dallas Fuel, Washington Justice picked up Decay. (source)