Quick Play Stats Update & Prizes

Assuming all goes well, we’re looking to have an update patch to the site for our Quick Play stats within a few days. We’ll post on the banner at the top of every page of our site and on Twitter when it actually does go live.

We’re also doing a giveaway! Take a 12 question survey, linked here and in the banner at the top of the site, and be entered for a chance to win a $100 (USD) Steam gift card. Afterall, Horizon Zero Dawn just came out for PC.


The Summer Games have suddenly been sprung upon us! If you haven’t been able to see them in-game yet, I posted pictures and videos of the new content over on our Twitter.


Lucioball Changes

Lucioball finally got an update this year!

  • Maps have been updated with more surfaces to wall ride and bounce off of.
  • Lucio moves faster and his cooldowns are shorter.
  • Both punching and booping the ball work from further away, and the direction of the ball after hitting it is now more affected by the direction you’re facing when used.
  • Lucio can now immediately drop to the ground by crouching.

Lucioball Remix

There is a new Lucioball Remix mode that keeps the game moving with two balls in play at the same time with the new maps, and play doesn’t stop when a goal is made. Sometimes during play, a bonus, golden Lucioball appears in play that’s worth three points. The game will end if one team reaches 10 points higher than the other.

Other Overwatch Changes

  • For game modes where you can backfill, you’ll now be played into a priority queue similar to when a competitive game ends before it’s finished.
  • Custom games now allow for “lopsided teams.” While the max player limit is still 12 total people, games can be set up so they’re 4v8, 2v10, and whatever combinations of 12.
  • In competitive mode, the maximum group size possible is 2 players if any player in the group has SR 3900 or higher.
  • Workshop got a number of new functions, but the hero and barrier scaling from a recent PTR has not been added yet.
  • A number of hero bug fixes also went in, including one for Brigitte where a Repair Pack used on a player who is using an ability that requires them to hold in a button would cause the player being healed have graphical glitches.

Full patch notes.



Attempting to tackle the double barrier meta that’s been dominant over the past few months, a new experimental patch rolled out on Thursday that weakens a few heroes critical to the meta and makes some general hero balance changes.

  • Brigitte - health was reduced to 150hp, meaning she now has 200hp instead of 250. Her self-healing reduction added a few months ago is gone, but her Inspire healing was reduced.
  • Orisa - armor reduced to 200, down from 250. Her secondary ability, Halt!, radius was reduced by almost half, and it goes faster.
  • Pharah - Her jets move her faster but the recharge slower. Her ultimate lasts 2.5 seconds now instead of 3.
  • Roadhog - Reverts some changes made a long time ago. His ammo has been reduced back to 5 but the damage of each bullet has been increased.
  • Sigma - Barrier health reduced to 700, down from 900, and it regenerates slower. His Kinetic Grasp cooldown increased to 12, up from 10.
  • Symmetra - The delay before losing charge on her primary fire is longer, and the teleporter cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds, down from 12.
  • Zenyatta - Secondary fire charges slightly faster and fires very slightly faster.

Full patch notes. Blizzard explanation of this experimental patch.


Rawkus Retires from Overwatch

This week Houston Outlaws support player Rawkus announced he has retired from Overwatch. Rawkus has been with the Outlaws since the team launched in 2017, and helped the US World Cup team win in 2019 at BlizzCon.

In a TwitLonger post he thanked teammates past and present for his great experiences these past years.

Rawkus has moved to Valorant, signing with one of his former teams, FaZe Clan.

rawkus.jpg Photo by Carlton Beener for Blizzard Entertainment.

Dallas Fuel Shakeup

The Fuel cleaned house this week, releasing four people: Head Coach Aero, Assistant Coach Tikatee, DPS player Decay, and support player HarryHook. The loss of the two players was most controversial or dramatic.

Aero is being (temporarily?) replaced by Coach Yong for the rest of the season. On his departure, Aero told to the Dallas Morning News that it was a mutual parting of ways and that he was looking for a change and holds no ill will towards Mark Rufail.

Assistant Coach Tikatee told the same paper separately that while he knew he was going to be let go, he didn’t think it was going to happen before the season ended. He also added that the loss to the Titans in June was a very low point for the team, making the team question what they were doing and its effectiveness. Tikatee also said the Fuel failed to integrate the English and Korean-speaking players.

Decay was let go unexpectedly, with the Fuel tweet saying they granted his request to be released from his contract early. In response to outcry, team owner Mark Rufail added in a number of tweets saying that Decay refused to practice with the team and refused to work with staff. “We just can’t keep someone like that around. We wish him the best and hope he can find a place where his talent fits.”

Now former Head Coach Aero added in the above interview, “Decay wasn’t happy and there wasn’t a resolution that could make everyone happy.”

My question is, why did things to to a point where things got so bad and irreconcilable? On this we may never know.

HarryHook was let go from the team after sexist comments made by the support player were released to the public from multiple sources. His early public reaction was to not truly understand why calling women “whore” in a derogatory manner was bad.