End of Season 22, Start of Season 23

The switch between seasons 22 and 23 takes place this coming week on Thursday, July 2 at approximately 1pm Central (US) or 6pm GMT.

Also on Thursday, Competitive Open Queue is supposed to move from the Arcade card to the Competitive card as a second option alongside Role Queue. This was outlined in a Developer Update last May. There has been no news on this since then, so we’re working under the assumption that it will still launch that day.

If Blizzard shares Competitive Open Queue data like they do with Role Queue, we’re going to look into ways to add that new information to the site. As of this writing, there has been no news on that from Blizzard either so we have no details to provide as to what that may look like.

Each season, certain steps need to be followed in order to get competitive stats to appear on your Overbuff profile. For those details, this blog post from earlier this year covers the steps.

PTR and Experimental Patches


The PTR received a patch this week that saw upgrades for the Career Profile, such as improved stats displays and sortable Player Icons. There are also a number of bug fixes to Ashe, D.Va, Genji, and Wrecking Ball. (PTR Patch Notes)

profile1.jpg Yeah, I play a lot of Ana.

profile2.jpg *Sorting of Player Icons. You can also sort by hero and even Pachimari!


A handful of changes to heroes hit the Experimental card this week. Most of these are changes to timing on certain abilities or cooldowns. Like all PTR and Experimental changes, they are not necessarily final and may not be implemented.

  • Ashe Dynamite cooldown increased to 12 seconds, up from 10.
  • Brigitte Repair Pack no longer provides armor for overheal; barrier HP increased to 250, up from 200, but it regens slower and takes 5 seconds to come back if destroyed, up from 3.
  • D.Va movement penalty while using primary fire reduced to 40%, down from 50%; Defensive Matrix cooldown reduced to 1 second, down from 1.5 seconds; delay on firing Micro Missiles reduced to 0.25 seconds, down from 0.5 seconds.
  • Junkrat delay on being able to trigger mines reduced from 0.156 seconds to 0.1 seconds; time to take control of Junkrat after using RIP-Tire ultimate reduced to 0.9 seconds, down from 1.5 seconds.

(Experimental patch notes)

Contenders Season 2 Changes

A post outlined format changes coming to Contenders for the upcoming season. The link has the full details, but here are the highlights:

  • China: Same format as Season 1.
  • EU and NA: Monthly tournament format over 5 tournaments.
  • Korea: Traditional league format beginning with a 10-team round robin.
  • Australia: Traditional league format beginning with an 8-team round robin.
  • Pacific: Not returning for Season 2.
  • South America: Hybrid of Season 1 & league format beginning with a 10-team round robin.

Me, too

A number of people in the Overwatch and Overwatch League communities have come forward this past week to call out those who have displayed reprehensible behavior, from racism, pedophilia, and sexual assault. Some of the accused have been removed from their positions if they were still in them, and for others it’s a warning about past actions and to avoid them in the future.

This list may not be all names, and unfortunately there may be more in the days and weeks to come.

  • Blinky_Plz, former Product Manager for Open Division at Blizzard (pedophilia) (accusation)
  • San Francisco Shock CM (racism) (accusation) (FIRED)
  • Florida Mayhem graphic designer (sexual harassment) (accusation) (FIRED)
  • Cyphate, former coach for Shu’s Money Crew EU (pedophilia) (accusation)
  • Cow, video editor for Third Impact (racism) (accusation) (FIRED)


  • Double OWL tokens this weekend. Make sure you do it on the OWL website or app and not YouTube or you won’t get tokens. (source)
  • The second Fran’s Overwatch Tournament takes place on Tuesday, June 30 at 1pm Pacific, or 8pm GMT. (source)