Happy Fourth Anniversary

Overwatch is four years old on Sunday (May 24) and to celebrate, every game mode and event skin is available to be earned or purchased for a few weeks. There are a number of new skins, emotes, and sprays to earn as well, including weekly items for Sigma, McCree, and Widowmaker.

New as well is the improved communication wheel that allows players to set new callouts to an expanded wheel. A few of these include things like: “Fall back!” “No,” and my favorite for when I kill someone as Ana, “Goodbye.”

It’s easy to miss in the patch notes, but there is also a competitive deathmatch season that just kicked off, scheduled to end at the conclusion of the Anniversary event.

A recent Experimental patch that affected Ana, Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta, Ashe, Bastion, Doomfist, Echo, Junkrat, Mei, D.Va and Reinhardt also went live. Check out last week’s blog for more information, or the full patch notes.

Speaking of patch notes, the patch notes button now loads patch notes in-game instead of opening an outside browser window.

Hint of Things to Come?

In the PR images for the Anniversary event, Blizzard put out an image of Wrecking Ball’s new Submarine skin in an underwater scene. Is this a hint of a map to come? Just a neat graphic to go with the new skin? Some have remembered that some of the concept art for early Overwatch shows an underwater map.


OWL Tokens Back (mostly)

Earning OWL Tokens by watching Overwatch League games is back beginning today, with one big caveat. Starting with the May Melee, viewers can earn 5 tokens for every cumulative hour of OWL watched on the OWL website or OWL app.

Viewers will NOT earn them by watching on YouTube and accounts must be signed in at either of the above locations.

May Melee

All matches in the month of May in the Overwatch League have been qualifiers for the May Melee taking place this weekend. Both NA and Asia have their own brackets, with NA taking place Friday, May 22 through Sunday, May 24, and Asia taking place on Saturday, May 23 through Sunday.

The winning team in each region will win $40,000, second will get $20,000, third and fourth place will get $5,000. As a bonus, teams will earn an additional $5,000 for each match win in the tournament.

All matches will be First to Three wins except for the finals which will be First to Four. Hero Pools are also not in effect for the tournament.

As mentioned with the OWL tokens above, this tournament marks the return of the tokens, but you can only earn them by watching on the OWL website or in the OWL app.

bracket.PNG North America Bracket

Check out the OWL website for the full (estimated) schedule of events.

bracket2.PNG Asia Bracket

Washington Justice Drop GM & a Coach

This week the Washington Justice unceremoniously fired their General Manager, Analynn “Bawlynn” Dang and Individual Coach, Christopher “Bani” Benell. Dang is the second General Manager the Justice has had in the position over the last year and a half.

Assistant Manager PRE was the interim GM last year when Kate Mitchell left the team, and today the Justice announced he would fully move into the role.

A few people have had their say on the move:

  • Former player and Team Envy content creator Avast responded to the announcement with: “Gotta love how this team’s previous GM destroyed this team beyond repair both competitively and internally the previous season yet they got a far more respectful send off than Bawlynn” taking a jab at former GM Kate Mitchell.
  • Corey, the former damage player who played for the Justice and who just retired from competitive Overwatch said, “damn, if any of you think lynn and bani were the problems on that team then you’re terribly mistaken LOOL”
  • Current Justice Head Coach “JohnGalt” said: “We haven’t been having a great season definitely and there’s currently discussion towards the direction of the team(for this year, for the next etc) I do feel very strongly though that Bani is a very good coach.”

Dang posted to Twitter her thoughts on moving on and posted a tweet looking for work in an Animal Crossing theme.

Miscellaneous News

  • PTR: An ability was added in the workshop to allow players to attach characters to each other, effectively carrying them. Someone has already made a 1v1 Goats mode. CODE: 9MGGG (source)
  • IGN updates Overwatch review, gives it 10 out of 10. (source)
  • TV show American Dad had a major plot point where characters from the show took part in an Overwatch tournament in China. (source)
  • The San Francisco Shock and Hangzhou Spark made a cute, Animal Crossing-themed announcement together to reveal Architect was switching teams from the Shock to the Spark. (source)