Experimental Card Changes

A number of heroes were hit with balance changes in an update to the Experimental Card this week.

  • Ana - Healing slightly reduced 75 to 70 healing per bullet.
  • Mercy - Healing slightly increased from 50 to 55 healing per second.
  • Moira - Orb speed increased and lasts 7 seconds, down from 10, and the damage orb radius has been decreased to 4 meters, down from 5.
  • Zenyatta - Discord Orb damage increase slightly increased from 25% to 30%.

  • Bastion - Sentry mode spread decreased slightly but max spread happens sooner. Self-Repair costs more, but now heals 90 per second, up from 75.

  • Junkrat - Main weapon projectiles keep more velocity when they ricochet, the speed of his thrown mines is slightly faster and they bounce less off of enemies, and Total Mayhem detonates faster and cover 50% more area.


Competitive Open Queue

When Season 23 begins on July 2, competitive mode will be split into two variations: Role Queue and Open Queue.

In a Developer Update this week, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan said Open Queue, which was recently added to the Arcade, was popular enough to warrant being added to the main game. He also outlined the roadmap as to how it would be implemented.

Some time in June, a “very short season” of Open Queue would launch in the Arcade. He was careful to add that they were thinking mid-June to launch it, but it may be later than that. Then for Season 23, when players access the Competitive card, they will get an option to play either Role Queue or Open Queue.

He also said that the game would still be balanced around 2-2-2, so don’t expect differences in heroes between the two modes. For those worried about increased queue times, based on their studies and data, queue times have actually improved when both modes are available.

Kaplan also talked about how different regions have responded to Open Queue. In Korea the mode was the second most played behind Role Queue, while in North America it lagged behind Role Queue, Mystery Heroes, and the Workshop.

Anniversary Patch Notes Leaked

When the Experimental Card patch notes went up, the Anniversary patch notes were accidentally posted before quickly being removed.

We learned that the Anniversary Event launches this coming Tuesday, May 19. We also found out a few heroes who will get new skins, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that only these heroes will get new skins. For those who don’t want spoilers, I won’t reveal the names of those skins that haven’t been teased by Blizzard as of this writing, but here are the heroes we know so far.

The updated communication wheel will be implemented, and likely the other notes from the April PTR patch, such as the buttons to reset basketballs in the dropship, and reduction of Echo and Reinhardt head hitboxes.


Miscellaneous Esports News

  • OWL modified their roster rules for the remainder of the season, lowering the minimum roster size requirement to 7, down from 8, and allows teams to sign players for 2-week contracts. (source).
  • Seoul Dynasty signed Slime (support). (source)
  • Saeyeolbe Apparel Collection by Andbox has launched with an SBB-themed jean jacket, sweatshirt, fragrance, bomber jacket, and t-shirt. (source)
  • Andbox also made those designs available in Animal Crossing with Able Sister codes for the wearables, available at the link above.
  • Avast said when he was cut from Boston in 2018, he found out when the Boston account tweeted about it. He had been talking to HuK about it, but found out he was let go via that tweet. (source)