Season 22 and Hero Pool Changes

Season 22 has begun. Don’t forget that there are a few extra steps that must be taken each season to get competitive stats to appear on your profile. These steps are at the top of every Overbuff web page, and outlined in more detail on our blog.

This season also includes more changes to the Hero Pools.

  • In Competitive Mode, Hero Pools now only affect Masters and Grandmasters players. For those games with players on the diamond/masters border, if the SR average of all players in the match is higher than 3500, they will have the hero restrictions.
  • Hero Pools will be based on OWL usage rates instead of high level competitive play. During the off-season, the pools will use high level competitive play again.
  • A change is being made to the algorithms to reduce the likelihood, but not remove the possibility entirely, of “hero rotation ping-pong,” where frequently used heroes will be out every other week.


Fran’s Overwatch Community Tournament a Rousing Success

On Monday, May 4, the much-hyped Fran’s OW Community Tournament was held, with Team Doge defeating Scion Esports in the finals.

Team Doge was recently known as Team Envy until the Dallas Fuel dropped them.

Fran used her winnings from the recent Echo Showdown Tournament to help fund the prize pool, and others in the community helped double that figure to a $6,000 (USD) pool. The tournament was promoted by a number of official OW and OWL social media accounts, with it even being posted on the Blizzard Launcher, much more promotion than Contenders or Open Division usually get.

Vancouver Titans Release Everyone

The Vancouver Titans have released their players and staff.

This happened after weeks of rumors suggested things were not going well behind the scenes. The organization didn’t flat-out say what happened, but strongly suggested that difficulties arose between management and the staff after a failed attempt at joining the Asian division of the revamped Overwatch League setup.

Kotaku reports that two anonymous sources suggested the Titans organization, up to this moment, has had a history of mismanagement. From player and staff dissatisfaction with team facilities, to unhappiness with season 3 contracts that didn’t significantly reflect the team’s performance in season 2 (reaching the Grand Finals), causing players to find their own housing while in Korea, and not communicating well with players for the short time they were in Korea.

The Vancouver Titans refute some of these claims, saying the players were paid according to their contracts (not the complaint), and that other professional sports teams like the Raptors use the same facility, but that doesn’t address the dissatisfaction that the place felt more like a hotel than house.

RunAway, the organization that the Titans bought the players from, have shared their sorrow over the events that have transgressed.


New Roster

As of this writing the new Titans roster has not been announced, but sources tell ESPN that most of the Contenders team, Second Wind, have been signed.

Brad, the Head Coach for the Atlanta Reign, said on Reddit that the Overwatch League did not approve picking up controversial Second Wind player, Higan. Higan was formerly known as Coluge and in the past,had a history of spreading sexist and racist commentary.

Miscellaneous News

  • Washington Justice DPS player Corey has retired from Overwatch to play Valorant. (source)
  • Paris Eternal support player Greyy has retired from Overwatch with no future plans for the time being. (source)
  • The London Spitfire will be playing this weekend for the first time in 36 years.
  • Caster Achillios wasn’t able to cast last weekend due to illness, and it later turned out that he had appendicitis. (source)