Major OWL Departures

Are the Titans falling?

(Note: This news current as of about 1:30pm US Central on Friday, May 1, 2020. There is potential for updates.)

This week the Vancouver Titans parted ways with tank player JJANU and Head Coach paJion. Both have been with the team since its beginning when the team was revealed back in December of 2018. Both releases were said by the Titans to be mutual.

In response to being released, JJANU tweeted out, “i am free~~~” and that he is looking for a new team. paJion said he is grateful for the opportunity with the Titans but it was time for him to move on. He is also looking for a new team.

On Friday morning, Titans support player ryujehong posted to Instagram “leaving lol” after responding to JJANU’s tweet the other day, “What about me?”

jjanu.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for the Overwatch League.

Recent History

This news comes after recent weeks where most of the Titans players had removed Titans branding from their social media accounts, suggesting to fans for a while now that something was going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, everything that’s been said about this is currently only rumors as of this writing. Rumors range from players unhappy with management decisions, player in-fighting, and that in actuality, all of the players have left but it hasn’t been announced yet. Some have suggested that the Titans recently moving to Korea and back to the US this week also contributed to the feeling of unease.

We’ll see soon enough.

That the players have been having troubles has been heartbreaking for many fans of the team who have been following these players since most of them were on RunAway. There is also worry about what it may mean for the legacies of jehong and Fissure. This joke tweet announced that the Vancouver Titans announced today that they and the fanbase have agreed to mutually part ways.

Sinatraa Leaves OWL and Overwatch

The San Francisco Shock announced that sinatraa was leaving the team. Shortly after, sinatraa revealed that he had joined the Sentinels to play Valorant.

In a post mostly thanking individual teammembers, sinatraa said that he had lost passion for the game. He couldn’t state a specific reason, suggesting it was possible it was 2-2-2- role lock or weekly hero bans, but ultimately he didn’t know. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about quitting after not enjoying the game anymore and he couldn’t give his all.

sinatraa initially made waves in OWL after becoming one of the highest paid players in the league before he could even compete (he was underage), and in 2019 he was the OWL MVP. I remember from the first OWL Media Day back in 2018, team owner Andy Miller looking over to his right at sinatraa and making a quip about the kid who “has all of my money.”

shockMediaDay2018.jpg Photo by me, Sabriel, for me to use however I want. Taken on OWL Media Day 2018.

Miscellaneous OW Esports News

  • Team Envy dropped its Contenders team, leaving Boston Uprising the only OWL team with an academy team in NA. The players are sticking together, forming Team Doge.
  • Guangzhou Charge had to have neptuNo leave Korea due to his visa expiring, meaning he will not be able to play until he returns. Another player of theirs, Wya, has had similar troubles and had to return to China. Both players are still with the team, just unable to play at the moment.
  • FRAN’s OW Community Cup is taking place on Monday, May 4 with an over $5,000 prize pool.
  • The Overwatch League announced two new tournaments taking place between May 22 and May 24, one for Asia and the other in the West. For the first three weeks of May, teams will play qualifier matches to determine seeding. All heroes will be available in the tournament. Full details here.

Miscellaneous OW News

  • Most of last week’s CC Experimental patch moved to the live servers. Everything except the Brigitte nerf transferred.
  • Singer Halsey tweeted out a series of pictures of her in a D.Va bikini.
  • Halsey also made sure to retweet Valiant tank player McGravy posing in his D.Va flight suit.