Echo Is Live

The latest damage hero, Echo, was released this week on the live servers. She’s been making waves with her flight and ability to duplicate enemy heroes, with some absolutely loving her, and others unhappy with her perceived strong power.

While it may or may not be too early to say for certain, conversation at the moment is around the fact that Echo gets full health when using Duplicate, and when she dies as a duplicated hero, she returns to her normal self with full health again. Hypothetically, this allows the Echo player to play extremely aggressive for up to 15 seconds with weak punishment for doing so.

Some point out that this is more inconsistent behavior between heroes with similar abilities. In this thread, it’s asked why Winston doesn’t go back to full health when coming out of Primal Rage if Echo gets to go to full health coming out of her ultimate. (Discussion)

Is she actually overtuned or is the community reacting too soon while they try to figure out how best to handle her fighting styles?

Stats for playing Echo should be appearing on your profile soon if they haven’t already.


Other Things in the Patch

Aside from Echo, the patch also included a few other things of note.

  • Added the Training Partner Spawner in the Practice Range.
  • Added Ultimate Confirmation options for Ana and Echo to verify your target before ulting.
  • Arcade: A 4-week long Competitive Open Queue to relive comp before 2-2-2. It will still use the weekly Hero Pools.
  • Added a link to the patch notes web page in the main menu.
  • Removed the map pool from comp.
  • Removed Horizon Lunar Colony and Paris from competitive mode until they can be reworked (no date provided).
  • Improved Blink for Tracer to be more accurate to where the player is facing.

Echo Patch Bugs

A few bugs and changes that were introduced with the patch have already been fixed.

When the patch first launched, some players figured out that if they filtered the Hero Gallery for unowned items, they were able to see both Home and Away Contenders skins for Echo, and only her. While they could be purchased, they would not appear when used in a match, and soon after that the skin went away entirely and players who purchased them were refunded.

While the Contenders skin isn’t available, by using the same filter, players are able to buy the old OWL skins for teams who changed theirs up for 2020, such as the Florida Mayhem and LA Valiant among others.

Additional fixes to Echo patch bugs and changes:

  • Hit markers fixed so they properly scale with damage again.
  • Fixed a bug so Ashe’s gun appears in the kill feed correctly.
  • Reverted a change to Genji’s Swift Strike that allowed him to turn while using it.


Kaplan Forum Posts

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan has been posting up a storm on the forums this week with tidbits of news and discussion.

  • He told off a banned player who said they were not cheating. (pictured above) (source)
  • A new Experimental Card is coming soon that will reduce CC (Crowd Control) power for many heroes. (source)
  • New communication option or feature is coming to the game. A Developer Update coming soon will provide details. (source)
  • Current border system is going away in Overwatch 2 and will be replaced with another. (source)
  • 2CP is one of the most common discussions for the design team. It has different flaws for pros, comp, and Quick Play. At one point they tried three different capture points but redesigning maps for this has proved to be a massive, prohibitive ordeal. (source)
  • Shared a chart of data showing % hour use for various game modes across regions (PC) and consoles. The data is from one recent day this week. (source)


OWL & Esports News

  • The Flash Ops Echo Showdown takes place this weekend in NA and EU, with each region getting a $25,000 (USD) prize pool. The (NA?) finals will be broadcast on the OWL YouTube channel at 4pm Pacific. (details)
  • Carpe (Fusion) is the first player to reach 4,000 final blows in OWL. (source)
  • Swimmer (Uprising) has left the team to take a step back from competitive gaming. They said maybe they’d give Valorant a try, maybe they’d come back to OWL, or maybe something different entirely, but in any case, they needed a break. (source)
  • London Spitfire will resume playing in OWL come early May. (source)