Patch Notes

Over the past week we’ve had a handful of new patch notes for both the live and PTR servers. There were no April Fools jokes on Blizzard’s behalf when it came to Overwatch this year, but in-game, all heroes were given large googly eyes which amused the hell out of me, and I wish I could have it as an option whenever I wanted.

Live (Experimental) Patch Notes

On April 1, the worst day for real patch notes, Blizzard let loose a small patch that brought a new Experimental Card. Remember, changes made in the Experimental mode will not necessarily arrive to the live game.


Changes to her weapon have increased her magazine size from 12 to 15 bullets, reloading after a scoped shot is much quicker, and her weapon spread when firing unscoped was changed so it doesn’t hit its maximum spread until 6 meters instead of 4.


His secondary fire may be fired slightly more frequently thanks to its recovery being lowered from 0.75 seconds to 0.65 seconds.


Mei’s ammo has been reduced from 200 to 120, allowing her to not be quite as oppressive when freezing enemies, and the cost of her secondary fire was reduced from 20 ammo to 10. Despite the amount of ammo being lowered, this change allows her to fire one more ice spike than on the live servers.



This change reverses some of the changes made to her primary fire back in October 2018. Here the explosion damage from her rockets has been reverted back to 80, up from 65, and direct impact damage has been put back at 40, down from 65.

Back then the changes were made to make it feel more important to get direct hits. Interesting to see this reverted in the state Overwatch is in here in 2020.


His passive knockback resistance was put back to 30%, down from 50%.

PTR Changes

On Saturday a patch weakened Echo somewhat, reducing the explosion damage of her Sticky Bombs from 30 to 25 damage each, and increased the cost of her ultimate by 16%. They also fixed a bug that unintentionally allowed Tracer (on the PTR only) to sometimes get vertical height when using Blink.

On Tuesday, a patch rolled out that added all of Echo’s collectibles to the server and removed her ability to reach some unintentional locations, without any indication of where those were.

NYXL Temporarily Pulls Back from OWL

NYXL announced on Twitter that they are stopping play for the time being due to things beyond their control. The text of their message reads:

“As the State of New York continues to mandate that all non-essential workers remain at home, the NYXL will temporarily be stepping-back from playing matches in the Overwatch League. We’re continuing to make all efforts to return to competition as soon as possible.

We’ll continue to create incredible ways for our fans—the best in the world—to connect with our players digitally during this time as they represent our city proudly and demonstrate the resilience it is known for.”


Rod (Slasher) Breslau added that he spoke to a representative from NYXL. This representative said the players were going to play from the team facility but could no longer do so due to the mandate, and the team is not set up to play from individual player apartments.

OWL Resumes and Continues

Last weekend the Overwatch League returned with casters and production crews working from their own homes. There were some occasional technical issues such as microphones suddenly going out or caster audio only coming out of one speaker, but overall it was a fine experience and brought me back to the days of the Monthly Melees and similar from early Overwatch esports events.

We even got to see Soe’s cat, Nori, pick this week’s hero bans.

Play resumes this weekend.


OWL Homestand Events

Multiple teams, including NYXL and the Titans, have announced that refunds are going out to those who have purchased Homestand tickets. If you haven’t received your money back yet, watch each team’s social media for information about how to proceed.

Boston Uprising Player Mouffin Accused of Soliciting Minors

Flex tank Mouffin of the Uprising was accused this week of soliciting multiple minors, requesting sexual pictures. Among other things, it was also said that he offered alcohol to minors at BlizzCon.

Boston Uprising’s only statement so far as of this writing is:

“The Boston Uprising has learned of allegations against Walid ‘Mouffin’ Bassal. We take all allegations of this nature very seriously and as a result Mouffin will not be competing in today’s match [March 28]. We will not be commenting any further while we investigate the matter.”