Shock 2019 Championship Skin Released

This week saw the release of the 2019 Championship skin for the San Francisco Shock, Thunder Doomfist.

In OWL, teams that win each season get a specialized skin in their namesake. This tradition started last year for the 2018 champions, the London Spitfire, with their Winston skin, so Shock fans have eagerly awaited to see what their team’s version would look like. Once it was revealed, however, reaction was mixed, leaning heavily in the negative territory because fans were hoping it would feel more like it’s a special Shock skin and less event skin.


Where the Spitfire skin had the Spitfire logos, colors, and mottos all over it, this Doomfist skin is much more subtle in its approach. The closest thing to a logo is the stylized SF on Doomfist’s belt, vertical lines vaguely reminiscent what’s on the Shock logo on his forehead, and when Doomfist uses his Seismic Slam ability, the SF logo on his belt is plastered into the ground and the lightning effects from the normal ability are more apparent.

Still, many do like it and it may be purchased for 200 OWL Tokens.

PTR Changes

Small changes have hit the PTR since Echo arrived on the test server last week.

Echo’s Sticky Bomb damage was to 25 each bomb, down from 30 each, and the cost of her ultimate was slightly increased.

Ashe received a change where the sound of her secondary fire is better aligned with the animation of the gun so the player knows when they may fire again.

Tracer received a fix for a bug introduced last week where she could unintentionally get some vertical movement with Blink.

owlSchedule.png Despite what it says, it also broadcasts on

Huge OWL Weekend

It’s a huge makeup weekend for the Overwatch League. On Saturday and Sunday each there are 8 scheduled matches for 16 total, meaning roughly 32 hours of games to watch this weekend!

Action starts each day at 1:00AM Pacific / 8:00AM GMT for two matches in China. After a break, play resumes at 11AM Pacific / 6:00PM GMT for the remainder of that day’s games.

When asked if there will be analysts and if Soe would be hosting them all, she said yes to both. Be sure to stay for the later games to see the production team fall into chaos, that’s for sure.

Both the Vancouver Titans and London Spitfire announced this week that they would be moving or have moved their teams to Korea for player health and safety. London made it sound like they were already there and would play this weekend, while Vancouver seemed like they’ve yet to move but are committed to playing online. No announcement has been made about schedule change as of this writing, so we’ll see.