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Hero Pools come to Overwatch

Competitive Mode

Beginning with Season 21, which started yesterday, four heroes will be barred from use each week: one tank, one support, and two damage heroes. Restricted heroes are chosen internally based on factors the community is not privy to, and a hero will not be barred for more than two weeks in a row.

When it was announced, the hero bans were said to be an experiment to help keep the game’s meta from feeling stale, a reaction to one of the most common complaints in the community.

The current message from developers is also that since this is an experiment, they want lots of feedback on how it’s working. The one week restriction is only something to start on and they are willing to make it more or less frequent, affect more or fewer heroes, or even remove it should it prove dramatically unpopular.

For Week 1 these heroes are Orisa, Hanzo, Mei, and Baptiste.

Restricted heroes may be found in the info area of the competitive card or with a small button while queueing (both highlighted below), or follow this thread on our Twitter page.



Overwatch League

Hero restrictions are coming to the Overwatch League as well beginning this weekend at the Washington Homestand.

Heroes that have 10% or more use in the past two weeks of play will be eligible to be removed. Normally this selection will be done internally at Blizzard, but for the first week the heroes were chosen by random lottery of eligible heroes on Watchpoint (video).

This week Reinhardt, McCree, Widowmaker, and Moira will not be available.


New Experimental Mode Patch

3-2-1 left the new Experimental card earlier this week and now we have our first test of hero balance changes. Remember that being on the Experimental card does not necessarily mean they will be coming to the live servers.

  • Ashe - B.O.B. is now immune to Sleep.
  • Baptiste - High jump charge time slightly reduced and Regenerative Burst cooldown reduced to 13s, down from 15s.
  • D.Va - Booster cooldown increased to 4s, up from 3s.
  • Mei - Ice Wall cooldown increased from 10s to 13s.
  • Orisa - Primary fire damage increased to 11 per shot, up from 10.
  • Sigma - Ultimate cost slightly reduced and air speed while casting it increased by 30%.
  • Soldier: 76 - Helix Rocket cooldown reduced to 6s, down from 8s.
  • Sombra - Spread from her primary fire reduced by 10%.

Full patch notes.

Ashe Event Almost Over

The Ashe Mardi Gras event ends on Tuesday so hurry and get those wins and those sprays from watching streamers if you’re after them.