Opening Day

Opening day begins Saturday at 12:00 pm Central (6:00 pm UTC) with New York hosting.

  • Toronto vs. Paris
  • London vs. New York

After the London/New York game, Dallas hosts at 4:00 pm Central (10:00 pm UTC).

  • Gladiators vs. Vancouver
  • Valiant vs. Fuel

The Sunday games will be at the same times and the match schedule on the OWL website will give exact times for your time zone.

YouTube Gaming

Watch on the Overwatch League channel on YouTube Gaming.

There are no token drops yet but the head of YT Gaming says they are working on it. No timeline was given. As of this writing, there has been no word on anything like All-Access either.

Format Changes for 2020

  • Hero pools WILL NOT begin until March 7.

  • Matches will be first to 3 wins.

  • Matches begin with Control and then rotate map orders for the following games.

  • The map pool has been expanded, but those details have not been released as of this writing. In 2019 there were 12 maps in each pool, breaking down to three for each map-type.

  • There are no more Stages.

  • A mid-season, 4-team tournament will take place with the top team from each conference and two wild cards.

  • An All-Star event will take place the same weekend as the mid-season tournament.


  • When the live game receives a patch, OWL will use that patch 2 weekends later.
  • If a patch goes live during a weekend while OWL is playing, that patch will be used by OWL the next weekend.