Patch Next Week

The PTR patch that makes massive changes to barriers comes out next week. For a quick rundown, check our blog from November 15, or read Blizzard’s webpage for the full patch notes. The super short version is that barrier health for most tanks is being reduced by a fair amount while the characters themselves can take more hits, and the damage reduction that armor does is being buffed to where it was a few months ago.


Earlier this week a few websites reported that some Contenders teams were told that the latest PTR would not be hitting the live servers until 2020. Reports that followed up said that this was confirmed with other teams and some staff at Blizzard, while other teams were saying they had never heard of this.

Perhaps all this did happen and there was some miscommunication, but Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan saw the story going around and clarified that no, the patch would be coming out next week barring some unforeseen circumstance.

Also in that post, Kaplan confirmed that Winter Wonderland would be coming with the patch.

Most patches come out on Tuesday at about 11am Pacific (19:00 GMT), but this isn’t always the case. If it does come out next Tuesday, it would likely end on Tuesday, December 31, but the winter event has traditionally always ended a day or two into the new year. This means it’s possible it won’t come out until Thursday so that it ends on Thursday, January 2.

LA Gladiators Drop Their Contenders Team

This week the LA Gladiators became the fifth Overwatch League team to drop their Contenders team.


The San Francisco Shock (NRG Esports), NYXL (XL2 Academy), Paris Eternal (Eternal Academy), and the Florida Mayhem (Mayhem Academy) have all previously dropped their teams.

Reasons are rarely given for the drop of a team, but sometimes it’s due to poor performance, which in turn means the investment isn’t worth it. That’s not always the case and both Gladiators Legion and XL2 had similar records, finishing one or both of the 2019 seasons of Contenders in second for their respective regions. Still, it’s expensive to own and operate a team, so it’s possible finances had something to do with it.

Sideshow Did This

Since I last wrote, Overwatch League analyst did this after reaching a goal of 2000 subscribers on Twitch before 2020. Twitch Clip

sideshowOverwatch.jpg Photo courtesy Reinforce on Twitter