4v4 Competitive Team Deathmatch Season 2

On or around Monday of this week, a Season of 4v4 Competitive Team Deathmatch appeared in the Arcade.

There was no announcement of the season and no end date has been provided, but in the past these events have typically lasted for three weeks. If that holds true this time, the season will end on roughly Monday, December 9, but it may be better to assume that it’s done before that if you’re trying to squeeze in placements.

This mode has 10 placement matches.


110 Rapid-fire Questions with Jeff Kaplan

An amusing little video by Game Informer was put out where interviewer Andrew Reiner asks Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan a number of questions. Some are purely for comedy, such as repeatedly asking for Bastion to be removed, but there were some questions that got some useful information.

Overwatch 2

  • Takes place one year after Winston hit the Recall button.

  • When asked if all the heroes will be a part of the OW2 story, Kaplan said, “Many heroes will be featured as part of the story.” Take that answer however you will.

  • Bastion will play an important role in OW2.

  • Many players regard their player level in Overwatch highly, and that level will be recognized somehow in OW2 for those who get the new game.

  • Players will learn more about Echo in the road up to OW2.


  • Asked which highlight intro is the coolest, Kaplan answered Mei’s “Frosty” highlight intro where she draws the little smiley face is technically the coolest. ba-dum, tsss

  • Jeff said he is a plat DPS and gold tank and support.

  • Early in development, Sombra could hack the payload to make it move on its own.

  • There is an easter egg that players haven’t found in OW that refers to a quest Kaplan made in WoW. [Miko’s note: My first thought is the Green Hills of Stranglethorn, though he also created many quests in the original Westfall.]

  • Asked about the Shimada family, Jeff turned the question around and posited: “Who are the others in the Shimada family?” [This could just be Jeff goofing around.]

  • Silliest game mode tested: Hammond riff on Marble Madness.


Number of Pro and Semipro players retire or take a break

In the past few weeks, more than a handful of players from the Contenders and Overwatch League have announced they are retiring from Overwatch or taking a break from the game. The timing is related to the fact that teams had until last Friday to lock down the minimum number of players required on rosters for the next season, and folks leaving the scene are typically those with no team.

Here are a few examples, this list is not all encompassing:

  • Janus, former tank for the Justice, is set to complete his military service. (source)
  • Rise, support for the Charge, retired to go to school. (source)
  • Promise, former coach for the Mayhem and Valiant, decided to leave after not liking the direction Overwatch is heading in. (source)
  • Elk, healer for Fusion University and a bit for the Fusion, is taking a break from OW to focus on school. He’s disappointed after not being picked up and not getting much support from coaching staff. (source)
  • Ajax, Contenders support player most recently on Bermuda, is looking at college and League of Legends. (source)
  • Chubz, Contenders tank for Samsung Morning Stars, is leaving after getting burned out from Orisa and his feeling of Blizzard neglecting the tier 2 scene. (source)