BlizzCon 2019 is over and with it came the announcement of Overwatch 2, a sequel to the game we all play today. While at BlizzCon I wrote up a piece explaining just what the new game is. The term sequel keeps getting thrown around, but is it what most consider a sequel? Check out the piece to get closer to an answer.


Miscellaneous Overwatch Notes from BlizzCon

I participated in a Q&A with Jeff Kaplan and Aaron Keller, both Overwatch Game Directors, and here are some miscellaneous notes I took that didn’t have much of a place in the Overwatch 2 facts piece.

  • When I asked about the replayability of Story Missions vs. Hero Missions, Kaplan admitted that the Story Missions may begin to get repetitive, but if it’s getting that way for you, he suggests amping up the difficulty.

  • By the time Overwatch 2 comes out, there will be over 40 maps to draw story inspiration from, including maps that haven’t come out yet, and maps that many people overlook like Black Forest and Castillo.

  • Felt that the lack of PvE content at the launch of Overwatch reduced the number of players the game had because a lot of people are intimidated by PvP games.

  • “It would be awesome to be able to do PvE content with the Workshop,” but no promise was made that it would happen.

  • Kaplan loves Overbuff. <3 He also recognized that there are a number of failings with stats and they want fix that, sharing more in the future to help players get better at the game. The original fear of sharing too many stats was that they would help cheaters, but now the team feels that it should be Blizzard’s job just to go after the cheaters.

  • They have a “cool idea” for map history, but no details were provided nor a timeline given.

  • At least one more hero is coming out before Overwatch 2 launches.

  • The team wants to do balance updates more frequently, and they’ve started doing that as players have probably seen.

  • Crossplay between platforms is something they are exploring.

  • Lootboxes are the concept of lootboxes are being re-explored because of how gaming has changed over the past few years. They were not ready to provide any details.

Patch Notes

A patch came out that we talked about a few weeks ago came out, fixing a number of little bugs and adding some features to the Workshop for creators to experiment with. Two hero changes were included that were not in the original PTR.

  • Baptiste: Random spread on primary fire removed, recovery time reduced, and damage falloff range increased to 25 meters, up from 20.
  • Torbjorn: Cost of his Molten Core ultimate reduced by 10%.

Full Patch Notes

Season 19 Begins

Competitive Season 19 started on Thursday of this week, and with it came a few changes for the mode.

From here on out, seasons will begin and end on the second Thursday of every other month, and each season will have a map pool. This season the maps are:

SeasonMapPool-Season19-960.png Don’t forget to be amazed by my fantastic graphical abilities.

According to this week’s patch notes (linked above), Dorado was originally going to be in the Season 19 map pool, but that was changed to Route 66 by the time the season began. There has been no word as to why the change, and the change was never announced.

Season 19 Competitive Profiles

A new season means you need to take a few steps to get your current competitive stats to appear on the site.

  1. Ensure CAREER PROFILE VISIBILITY is set to PUBLIC under the Social tab of the Options menu in Overwatch, then close the game.

  2. Visit your Overbuff profile.

  3. Play at least 1 game of competitive mode, close Overwatch, then visit or refresh your profile.

  4. Play at least 1 more game of competitive mode, close Overwatch, then visit or refresh your profile. Your competitive stats should now appear.

While the above may seem like a lot, we do this due to the way Blizzard shares its data and to help ensure that your data from Blizzard is correct. In the end, if stats don’t appear, keep doing step 4 until they do. Usually it only takes a session or two, but sometimes it can be three or more.

Special Notes

  • The number of games played before visiting your profile for the first time during a season with a public profile does not change the above process. We need to see new games once you’ve been to your profile.
  • A lock icon near your name on your Overbuff profile means Blizzard reports your profile is private and there’s nothing we can do until they say otherwise. Once it disappears, follow the above steps.
  • If you change your BattleTag, PSID, or GamerTag between or during the season, you will have to follow the above steps again.

World Cup

Congratulations to Team USA in winning the 2019 World Cup! They bested China in the Grand Finals 3-0 after knocking out South Korea in the semifinals, making this the first year that South Korea did not win the gold.