It’s been a relatively quiet week in Overwatch as Blizzard prepares for BlizzCon next week, but Overwatch League teams filled in for the lack of news, announcing players who have been let go, signed, and so on.

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Live Patch

A small patch came out on Thursday night that included a change for Ashe’s gun sights with the Warlock skin, making it easier to see through, and a bug fix for Orisa where her Supercharger would become “unhacked” if a Sombra hacked it while it was already hacked.


Items related to purching Warcraft III: Reforged Spoils of War Edition were also added.

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PTR Patch

The PTR had a small patch earlier this week that includes more bug fixes and additional Workshop features, but also changes Icewall, Immortality Field, and Gravitic Flux so that they heavily prefer edges over long distances while the player is setting them up.

Bug fixes mostly include visual fixes, but also prevent D.Va players from placing her bomb in spots on Volskaya and Nepal: Sanctum where players behind walls would still be killed.

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Our social media manager and content creator Sabriel / Miko (@Sabriality) will be at BlizzCon next week, covering the event. She’ll have Overbuff swag, so keep an eye out for her!

Rumor has it that no hero will be announced this year, but we’ll finally learn about the fabled Overwatch 2, a term that was used during an investor call earlier this year. Speculation is that this unnanounced product will be more PvE-focused, and hopes are that it means fleshing out the lore of Overwatch.

schedule.PNG Times in picture in Central US.

BlizzCon Schedule

The schedule and map for for BlizzCon is out and may be found here.

Note for those who watch the Overwatch World Cup in-person:

  • The World Cup will be in the large, circular arena on Saturday only this year.
  • On Friday the World Cup will be in Hall A, the stage closest to the arena.

Be sure to grab the BlizzCon app and the ticket app ahead of time as well.


A very busy week when it comes to roster changes, with at least 30 changes or moves since last Friday’s press time.

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