OWL Grand Finals

The San Francisco Shock defeated the Vancouver Titans to become the Season 2 champions.

San Francisco made it a quick one, taking the series 4-0 in a “first to 4 wins” match. Vancouver had some fight in them and there were a few moments it looked like they would take a map, but each time they either got sloppy or the Shock saw a moment and capitalized on it.

Season 3 begins on Saturday, February 8 in both New York City and Dallas.

In-Game Rewards

Viewers who had their Twitch and Battle.net accounts linked had the ability to earn sprays and a player icon just for watching the Grand Finals. Technical issues caused some players not to receive all the items, and so Blizzard says everyone who tuned in for the games at some point and had linked accounts will now get the items.

ShockWin.jpg Photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

Next in OW Esports

If 5 months is too long of a break for you, the biggest game for Overwatch Contenders takes place next weekend, on October 9 and 10. This match-up pits the top teams from Contenders Season 2 against each other to see who will come out on top and for a bunch of prize money.

As usual, make sure to watch these Contenders games to see a preview of who may be playing in the next OWL season.

OWL Rosterpocalypse 2019

With Season 2 over, it’s time for teams to begin shaking-up their rosters to make changes for Season 3.

To keep track of it all, I’ve created a list of all the changes since the regular season ended.

Rosterpocalypse 2019

The default language I’ve used is Signed/Released, but if an org or person said something like, “looking for team” or “contract expired,” I used that instead. This will be updated as new information comes out.

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

Speaking of BlizzCon, the Virtual Ticket is on sale now and with it comes Warcraft-themed skins, Illidan Genji and Tyrande Symmetra. Check out a video showing off the new skins.


Halloween Terror Soon

Halloween Terror should be starting soon, but as of press time there has been no word on it yet. If the past is any indication, the event will begin on Tuesday, October 8 and last until shortly after Halloween at the end of the month.

The typical release schedule has been “off” for the past few months relative to past years, with a new map overdue. This could mean that the schedule for Halloween Terror has changed somewhat as well. Hopefully we will get some details soon.

Don’t expect too much to change for Junkenstein’s Revenge, but there were some rumors going around that Junkertown may be getting a Halloween treatment similar to how Eichenwalde, Hollywood, and Château Guillard have in past years.

Three heroes have come out since the last Halloween Terror: Ashe, Baptiste, and Sigma. Will we see a costume for them? How about heroes who don’t have costumes yet such as Brigitte, D.Va, Genji, Lucio, Orisa, Tracer, or Winston?