OWL Grand Finals

Quick Facts

  • Sunday at 3pm Eastern (19:00 UTC) (OWL site for time in your region.)
  • Vancouver Titans vs. San Francisco Shock
  • The first team to 4 wins is the victor.
  • Zedd will play at about 2:30pm Eastern, or roughly a half hour before games begin. The performance will be streamed, too.


  • Home viewers can earn two sprays and a player icon for watching 1, 2, and 3 hours of the broadcast.
  • Attendees can claim the rewards in the Overwatch League app.

kaplanTrophy.jpg Photo provided by Robert Paul to Blizzard Entertainment.

OWL Rosterpocalypse Returns

The season is over for most Overwatch League teams, and that means change-ups are coming. This past week we had our first glimpse of it, but expect many more releases and signings very soon.

September 27, 2019

  • LA Valiant - Teabubbles released as Team Manager.

September 23, 2019

  • Shanghai Dragons - BlueHaS released as Head Coach.
  • Shanghai Dragons - Levi released as Assistant Coach.
  • Shanghai Dragons - Moon signed as Head Coach.
  • Philadelphia Fusion - Kirby leaves position as Director of Overwatch Operations.

September 20, 2019

  • Houston Outlaws - TaiRong released as Head Coach.
  • Houston Outlaws - HyunWoo released as Assistant Coach.

Sabriel (Miko) interviewed BlueHaS just prior to Stage 4 of this year. BlueHaS and Levi worked with the team for season 2. New Head Coach Moon previously coached for the LA Valiant before moving to the Shanghai Dragons academy team, Team CC.

For the Outlaws, TaiRong and HyunWoo had been with the team for both OWL seasons so far. For Season 1 the Outlaws ended 7th out of 12, and for Season 2, they ended 16th out of 20.


PTR Patch

A new balance patch came out this week, with plenty of nerfs, buffs, and fixes for a number of heroes. Website BlizzTrack has the full notes, but here is a summarized version:


  • D.Va - Regeneration Matrix recharges faster and begins charging sooner when not in use.
  • Orisa - Barrier cooldown is 10 seconds instead of 9.
  • Roadhog - His weapon has 6 rounds instead of 5.
  • Sigma - Kinetic Grasp will no longer block Brigitte’s Whip Shot or Roadhog’s Hook Shot.
  • Sigma - Gravitic Flux (ultimate) will hold enemies in the air for a slightly shorter time.
  • Sigma - Barrier regeneration rate reduced, now has a 1 second cooldown after recalling the barrier, but the 0.2 second cast time has been removed.
  • Winston - Barrier duration increased to 9 seconds instead of 6 and health slightly increased.


  • Baptiste - Immortality Field health reduced by 20%.
  • Brigitte - Now has icons under her aiming reticle to indicate how many Armor Packs she has available.
  • Lucio - Speed Boost slightly increased, as was how much speed is increased with Amplification.
  • Lucio - Wall Ride speed boost slightly reduced.
  • Mercy - Extra beams from Valkyrie (ultimate) now ignore barriers.
  • Moira - Self-healing from damaging enemies with Biotic Grasp slightly reduced.


  • Doomfist - Rocket Punch takes 1.4 seconds to hit max, up from 1 second.
  • Doomfist - Shield health gained from hitting enemies with abilities slightly reduced.
  • Sombra - Translocator cooldown increased to 6 seconds from 4, but cooldown starts immediately upon deployment, not when used or destroyed.
  • Symmetra - Photon Barrier (ultimate) cooldown reduced to 12 seconds from 15 and has 20% less health.
  • Symmetra - Turret damage reduced by 20%.
  • Tracer - Her bullet damage doesn’t lower for 13 yards now instead of 10.

Blizzard rarely gives release dates for when patches go live, but they average about 3 weeks on the PTR server. It stands to reason the PTR will go live when Halloween Terror comes out, which is estimated to be Tuesday, October 8.