Bastion Brick Challenge

The Bastion Brick Challenge has begun. Until September 30, players may earn sprays, player icons, and a special LEGO Bastion skin by winning games in the Arcade, Quick Play, or Competitive modes. Further sprays and player icon rewards come from watching up to 6 hours of Overwatch streams from specific streamers.

The skin also has its own bullet sound effects and graphic changes that you can see on Twitter.

There is also a sale (US only) for LEGO Overwatch sets on the Blizzard Gear Store, with the Omnic Bastion set 50% off, and 20% off the other sets such as the Watchpoint: Gibraltar set and larger Bastion set.


Patch Week

A patch added to the live servers provided nerfs to a few heroes.

Both Symmetra and Zarya’s beams received slight nerfs, effectively returning them to where they were before a recent improvement to game tech had the side effect of buffing them. The beams for both are also now always the same size no matter how much energy they have, but they do still increase in damage and graphic intensity the higher energy they have.

Sigma’s primary fire damage was reduced slightly, as was the cast time for his ultimate, but his Accretion (rock) does a bit more damage. His barrier will now also disappear and be unusable for a short time while hacked by Sombra, just like for Reinhardt and Brigitte.

Full patch notes and bug fixes.

Paris Map Disabled for a Short Time

Paris was temporarily disabled soon after the patch was released due to a bug with how defenders could fire into spawns incorrectly. This has since been fixed and the map has returned.


Unannounced Patch Changes to Mercy and Torbjorn

Mercy players noticed a small change that came with the patch that was unannounced.

Whether this is a bug or not is not known yet, but Mercy will no longer gain ult charge for a kill if she is damage boosting someone who gets an environmental kill. She gets charge from any damage that caused the kill, but not for the death itself.

Some people incorrectly stated they were gaining no ultimate charge for damage boosting at all, but personal, anecdotal testing from yours truly could not replicate that as it still works for me.

With Torbjorn, some players report that his Molten Core ultimate seems to be doing over 30% more damage to armored targets than it was before the patch, from 190 DPS to 250 DPS, but this one I was not able to test by press time.

ioStux Bronze to OWL Series Episode 2

ioStux has released another video in his “Bronze to OWL” gameplay improvement series. This one focuses on how one can improve based on how much and how they spend their time with Overwatch. ioStux is the former Head Coach for XL2 Academy, Toronto Esports, and Uprising Academy.

Topics covered include average playtime of players at various ranks, how it’s typically a better use of time to review your VoDs at the start of your next play session, to warm up in Free For All instead of Quick Play, and more.

Definitely check this series out if you’re seriously looking to improve your game.

Overwatch League Playoffs Set

This year it will be the Vancouver Titans vs. San Francisco Shock in the Grand Finals.

RobertPaul.jpg Photo provided by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

Last Friday Vancouver secured their spot in the finals by defeating NYXL 4-3, sending New York into the losers bracket. Then on Sunday, the Shock bested New York 4-0, earning their chance to face off against the Titans at the end of the month.

A number of in-game rewards are available for fans who watch the Grand Finals from home, OWL tokens received during the event are doubled, and sprays and a player icon can be earned for watching 1, 2, and 3 hours of the game.

The Grand Finals take place on Sunday, September 29 at 3pm Eastern (US), or 19:00 UTC.

Open Division Practice Season

The next Open Division season returns on October 12, but it’s different this time. Normally teams who do well in the Open Division earn a chance to face off against lower ranked Contenders teams to potentially steal their spots, but since Contenders is out of season, that will not be a reward this time.

Players can earn Blizzard Bucks, and this time also a spray and player icon, for participating.


More cards are coming to the Arcade in the October patch.

In a Reddit post I missed entirely about two weeks ago during the Season 18 restart, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said that more cards were coming to the Arcade, and that Classic Quick Play achievements is something they’re considering.

Kaplan provided an example of the new Arcade design.