Overwatch League Playoffs

It’s the final weekend of the playoffs, and that means we’ll be finding out who will be participating in the Grand Finals that take place later this month.

As of this writing, two more teams have now been eliminated from the running. Both teams losing 0-4 in quick sweeps, the Atlanta Reign lost to the Hangzhou Spark, and the Gladiators lost to the Shock.

Tonight, Friday, NXYL and Titans will be trying to knock the other into the losers bracket, and on Saturday, the Shock face off against the Spark, and the winner of Shock/Spark will fight the loser of tonight’s NYXL/Titans on Sunday.

Last weekend, it was a tearful goodbye to the Seoul Dynasty and the London Spitfire, last year’s champions, as they lost against the Spark and Shock respectively. Dynasty support players Ryujehong and Tobi apologized to fans in a post-match interview. (clip thanks to @mizliz_)

brackets.png Bracket courtesy OverwatchLeague.com

Zedd to Perform at OWL Grand Finals

Musician Zedd is set to play live at this year’s Overwatch League Grand Finals. He’s known in the electronic world, and the songs I most know his name for is “Stay” with Alessia Cara from a few years ago, and “The Middle” Maren Morris and Grey from last year.

Zedd himself is a fan of Overwatch, even attending the World Cup last year and occasionally playing with Overwatch streamers.

Hopefully his performance is a bit better than last year’s, “Overwatch me!” moment. (Kotaku)


  • Boston Uprising are holding open tryouts. Unlike the LA Valiant a few weeks ago, there is no SR requirement but it’s probably safe to assume they’re looking for high-ranked players.
  • Overwatch is coming to Switch in about one month, October 15 for USD$40. (Nintendo)
  • Walmart is selling OWL gear (along with a few other esports). This is the same merchandise you can pick up on the official store, and as of this writing if you live in the US and spend $35 or more, you get free shipping.

Reminder about Stats Changes

With the addition of role SR, we’ve made some changes to Overbuff profiles. For the full list of current changes, check out our blog post.

This season requires an extra step on the part of the player in order to get competitive stats to appear on their profile.

  1. Ensure CAREER PROFILE VISIBILITY is set to PUBLIC under the Social tab of the Options menu in Overwatch, then close the game.

  2. Visit your Overbuff profile.

  3. Play at least 1 game of competitive mode, close Overwatch, then visit or refresh your profile.

  4. Play at least 1 more game of competitive mode, close Overwatch, then visit or refresh your profile. Your competitive stats should now appear.

NOTE: The number of games played before visiting your profile for the first time during a season with a public profile does not change the above process. We need to see new games once you’ve been to your profile.

Cover art by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.