Season 18 & Quick Play Role Queue

Season 18 is set to begin on Saturday, August 31 at 5pm Pacific (US) / Sunday, September 1 (00:00 UTC). This is one day sooner than originally announced earlier this summer.

Role Queue will be coming to Quick Play this coming Tuesday, September 3 at 11am Pacific (US). At the same time, Quick Play (Classic) will be added to the Arcade, the version of Quick Play we’ve been playing for a few years now.

Outside of SR, Blizzard hasn’t been sharing stats for the Role Queue Beta. This is why we haven’t showing them on Overbuff, but these stats should resume shortly after Season 18 begins. It may be a few days because we have to wait to see some background things first, but fret not as they will be active again very soon.

season 18.PNG

Role Queue Blizzard Blog Post

Overwatch developer Scott Mercer wrote up a blog that reiterates why Role Queue is happening, and also touched upon a few other topics around the feature.

Mercer reiterated that the primary goal for introducing Role Queue is to increase match quality as it helps them to place people at similar skill level with each other to a higher degree than was possible before.

Regarding DPS queue times, the average wait time for most players is 3 to 6 minutes, however there are incidents where master and grandmaster players are waiting 20 to 30 minutes to play. Mercer said they are working on adjustments “for future updates” to help with this, but there was no timeline given, nor was there mention if we’ll be told when those changes go live.

On MMR reset, there will be none. In the post, Mercer describes how the Blizzard team has tried “soft” resets in the past and the experience felt terrible, particularly in cases where players of very different skill levels were placed together while the system tried to figure them out again.

As for Role Queue Beta stats, look at them in-game while you can as they’re going away “soon.” The results of matches are being used as more data, but the stats themselves will not be accessible by players in the near future, with no date provided.

Season 2 Contenders Finals

Both the Australian and Korean regions are holding their Season 2 finals this weekend.

Korea is still in the semifinals stage, and the teams and matchups are a carbon copy of Season 1, with O2 Blast against RunAway, and Gen.G esports facing Element Mystic. In Season 1, Element Mystic defeated O2 Blast 4-2.

For Australia, the finals are Mindfreak and ORDER, with ORDER hoping to claim the championship, just like they did for Season 1.

To see the match times in your time zone, check out the Overwatch Contenders website. If you’re in the Americas, the matches are very late or very early in the day.


Overwatch League Play-in Tournament

Starting Friday night, tonight as of this posting, the Play-in Tournament to determine who will take the final two seeds in the Overwatch League playoffs next weekend. These are the six teams who finished the season 7th through 12th place.

Tonight’s the lowest seeds facing off against each other:

(9) Charge vs. (12) Hunters (10) Fusion vs. (11) Dragons

Then Saturday, the lowest seed out of the winners of these two matches will face last year’s champions, the Spitfire, and the other team will fight the Dynasty.

Next week during the playoffs, the winners for this week will face either the Titans or NYXL.

OWL 2020 Tickets on Sale

Most Overwatch League teams launched their ticket sales this week on the OWL website.

Fan reactions to ticket prices have been mixed due to pricing. In most cases, fans are forced to buy weekend passes as single-day options are not available. This, in turn, puts ticket prices well over $100 US in most cases.

Considering the tickets are prices for two days, they are roughly on par with many traditional sport ticket prices when considered individually, but seeing tickets at that price for “normal” seats, especially when they’re around $20 US at the Blizzard Arena was jarring for some.

Teams also have VIP packages that allow for visiting players, getting special merchandise, and the “best” seats for even higher prices. In the case of the Boston Uprising, a special VIP package for one weekend is over $350.


  • Winston’s Flying Ace skin is now on sale for 200 OWL tokens. It’s only around for a few weeks.
  • A small patch went live this week that allows Blizzard to hotfix, apply small changes, to Overwatch that doesn’t require a restart of the game.