Update on Role Queue Beta Stats and Beyond

The Role Queue Beta has been out for a few weeks, and the number 1 question we’ve received is, “Role Queue stats when?” The only answer I’ve been able to give is, “Soon.” Now I can expand on that ever so slightly.

Unless something changes on Blizzard’s end after I post this, there’s a good chance competitive stats won’t resume until shortly after Season 18 begins on September 1.

What’s the hold up? There are a few things going on.

  • Outside of individual role SRs, Blizzard isn’t sharing stats for the Role Queue Beta.
  • Even if competitive stats were being shared, Blizzard isn’t reporting losses or number of games played for competitive mode during the Role Queue Beta.
  • We don’t know how Role Queue will affect Quick Play stats, or if they will at all, when Role Queue is added to Quick Play.


As of this moment, current stats just aren’t being updated by Blizzard outside the game. The competitive stats that are provided, for most players, are a snapshot of how the player did in the most recent season they participated in before Role Queue Beta.

If you check out your competitive stats in-game for the beta season, you’ll see that losses and games played aren’t being shared. This is normal for Quick Play, but new for competitive mode. We can only speculate they will return when a real season, Season 18, returns on September 1 (next weekend). It’s a bit weird that the two stats are gone entirely, but there may be a good reason to Blizzard on why they aren’t being shown for a season that isn’t a real season.

Blizzard has been quiet on all fronts when asked what’s up. That isn’t exactly out of character for them as they’re quite protective of their work. We’ll still keep moving along and doing our thing where we can. I think I can speak for the competitive community though, and not only our own self-interest, it would have been appreciated to have been given a bit more information on what “beta season” means to Blizzard.

Here at ELO, the folks behind Overbuff, Dotabuff, Fortbuff, and more, we’re committed to providing quality and useful products. When it comes to the Role Queue Beta, we’re not satisfied with only showing SR changes without the stats that come with it. So unless something changes on Blizzard’s end before the new season, we’ll likely be waiting until Season 18, and even then maybe shortly into the new season, to roll out changes to the stats systems.


OWL 2020 Schedule

This week the Overwatch League released their Season 3 schedule. Season 3 is the first season that teams are required to host games in their own cities instead of using the Blizzard Arena.

The regular season runs from Saturday, February 8 until Sunday, August 9, and tickets go on sale for all games, except for games in China and Korea, on the OWL website next week on Wednesday, August 28. Tickets for the China and Korea games will be old at a future, as of yet unannounced, date.

Some teams have already revealed where their games will take place. The Titans will be playing at the Rogers Arena, and the Florida Mayhem will host in both Miami and Orlando throughout the season.

Since the full schedule lists all games in the local time of their host cities, website Upcomer has created a Google Spreadsheet that helps convert all games to your timezone.

Direct link to OWL Season 3 schedule from the OWL website: (link)

PTR Patch

A new PTR patch went out on Thursday of this week.

  • Bastion will no longer consume resources when trying to repair himself when he’s at full health.

  • Symmetra and Zarya both had their beam damage slightly lowered. This essentially puts them at where they were pre-Sigma patch where changes were made to how beams worked, and the damage for these two heroes was slightly increased.

  • Sigma’s Hyper Sphere damage was slightly reduced, the damage to his Accretion (boulder ability) was slightly increased, and the cast time for his ultimate was very slightly increased.

  • Dummy Bots and being able to create beam effects were added to the Workshop.

Read the full patch notes here for exact numbers and bug fixes.

Contenders Season 2 Results

Contenders Season 2 has wrapped up in most regions, all except Australia and Korea. Here are the results:

  • China: Team CC vs. LGE.Huya - Winner: LGE.Huya
  • Europe: Team Gigantti vs. HSL Esports - Winner: HSL Esports
  • North America East: Atlanta Academy vs. Gladiators Legion - Winner: Atlanta Academy
  • North America West: Team Envy vs. XL2 - Winner: Team Envy
  • Pacific: Talon Esports vs. Global Esports - Winner: Talon Esports
  • South America: Lowkey Esports vs. FURY - Winner: Lowkey Esports

Next Week

  • Australia: Mindfreak vs. ORDER (August 31)
  • Korea: August 31; September 1

Contenders Gauntlet

The Contenders Gauntlet, October 9 through October 13, brings some of the top Contenders teams together in Korea to find out who is the best. Invites for the Gauntlet were based on how well regions did earlier this year in either the Pacific or Atlantic Showdowns after Season 1. Which teams were invited to play are based on Season 2 play.

So far these are the teams invited for their region:

China: LGE Esports

Europe: HSL Esports

Korea: (3 slots - teams TBD)

North America: Atlanta Academy, Team Envy, XL2 Academy, Gladiators Legion

Pacific: Talon Esports



  • The Flying Ace skin for Winston comes out on Thursday, August 29 for 200 OWL tokens. This skin is to honor the London Spitfire for their Season 1 OWL championship.
  • This is the final weekend of the regular season for the Overwatch League this season. The LA Valiant are hosting and it’s a big weekend for the Valiant because if they don’t win at least one of their two games, they’re out of the play-in tournament next week for their chance at the grand finals.