Profile Update

We’re still working on the changes for competitive profiles with regards to Role Queue. With it being a beta season we feel it’s okay to slow down a bit, but hope to get the separate roles up soon.

Watch the notice area at the top of every page of our site, or watch this thread on Twitter for updates.


Sigma and Role Queue Beta (Revisited)

Both the new tank hero, Sigma, and the Role Queue Beta were added to to the game on Tuesday. I’ve already discussed Sigma and the Role Queue in the past here on Recall so I won’t rehash them again, but there are some stories related that are of note.

Normally new heroes aren’t available to play in Competitive Mode for a few weeks after their release, but about an hour after the patch rolled out on Tuesday, Sigma was unlocked. Someone caught the live reaction from Seagull, Emongg, and TimTheTatman as it happened.

Role Queue has been a popular addition for most, but it isn’t without its problems as well, at least things some people see as problems. Primarily, the complaint is that the system doesn’t seem to entirely take your skill in individual roles into account for your SR, meaning if you were a 2750 SR player in Season 17, you’re likely going to place around that score no matter which role you play, even if you have little to no experience in another role.

Some people, such as streamer Aspen, are asking for an MMR reset to help mitigate this.

Special London Spitfire Skin

Blizzard has created a special skin to commemorate the London Spitfire winning the Season 1 Overwatch League Championships.

The special Flying Ace skin for Winston puts him in much of the Spitfire branding, such as the team colors and team motto, plus a vintage-style pilot uniform reminiscent of World War 2 era attire. Winston’s jetpack has also been turned into an airplane, and his weapon has the date the team won the Grand Finals inscribed on the site.

Flying Ace be available in-game on Thursday, August 29 and cost 200 OWL Tokens.



  • Fahzix (support) was let go from the Washington Justice.
  • Custa (support) from the Valiant shared his feelings on Doomfist.
  • Coach Jon from XL2 Academy says that teams, at least North American, have not yet been paid for their performance in Season 1 of Contenders 2019, over 100 days later.
  • The Washington Justice recruit “bawlynn” as General Manager. bawlynn worked with the LA Gladiators before assuming this role, left vacant since Stage 2 when former GM Kate Mitchell stepped down.

Contenders Season 2 Playoffs

Completed Results:

  • Pacific - Talon Esports vs. Global Esports Winner: Talon Esports
  • North America East - Atlanta Academy vs. Gladiators Legion Winner: Atlanta Academy
  • North America West - Team Envy vs. XL2 Winner: Team Envy

Upcoming Games (times at associated link)

  • Europe - Team Gigantti (20-9-1) vs. HSL Esports (17-13) (airing at time of publish)
  • China - Team CC (12-10) vs. LGE.Huya (14-8) (time)
  • South America - Lowkey Esports (24-4) vs. FURY (16-10-2) (time)
  • Australia - Mindfreak (20-9-1) vs. ORDER (17-12-2) (time)
  • Korea - Playoffs in process. (time)