Sigma and Role Queue Coming Soon

Season 17 ends in just a few days, and starting on Tuesday, August 13 is the Beta Season to test the new Role Queue system on the live Overwatch servers. In the Developer Update introducing Role Queue, Kaplan said that it was slated to last until September 1, when Season 18 officially begins.

The Overwatch blog has a recap of all there is to know about the Role Queue.

When Role Queue comes out, expect the hero changes recently made to the PTR to come out as well, including Brigitte and her overhaul. Check out those patch notes here.

Once Season 18 begins, not the beta season, Role Queue will be added to Quick Play and some arcade modes.

Sigma will likely be released on Tuesday as well. While a release date hasn’t been announced yet, from past experience most heroes are added to the live servers about three weeks after they hit the PTR, and Tuesday is the 3 week mark. There is always a chance that something breaking could happen where his release is delayed, so don’t take this as gospel.

Overwatch League

LA Gladiators get new name

In an amusing video where Gladiators support player BigGoose was left in charge of merchandise, the LA Gladiators have been renamed the Los Angeles BigGeese.

It appears the team is going all-in with the change, likely releasing t-shirts, having the players walk out in BigGeese gear, and letting the phenomenon take over their social media. “Our starting flock for tonight.



  • Head Coach Bishop was let go from the Toronto Defiant “effective immediately.” Bishop made his own comments later saying he was thankful for the opportunity he had with the team.

  • CWoosH returns to Mayhem, for a short moment.

  • Team Romania has pulled out of the World Cup, saying they couldn’t find sponsors and because they were unhappy with Blizzard.