Profile Troubles

We are aware that a number of profiles have not been updating over the past few days. The unfortunate situation is that the trouble is on Blizzard’s side and beyond our control. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the issues soon, but there is currently no timeline on this.

Watch the status bar at the top of every Overbuff web page, or follow this thread on Twitter for daily updates.


The 5 Ws of Role Queue or 2-2-2

Jeff Kaplan officially announced the arrival of role queue in a nearly 17 minute video on Thursday of this week. A blog post also covers it in detail. The following are the quick details about the new system.


Role queue, or 2-2-2, is a system designed to enforce team compositions only have two tank, two support, two damage characters.


Role queue was added to the PTR on Thursday of this week, and will be added to the live servers on or before Tuesday, August 13. After a short beta competitive season begins on August 13 on the live servers, and after that it will be added to all modes on Sunday, September 1.


Role queue will be for just about everyone! It is being added to Quick Play, Competitive, some Arcade modes that require team comps.


Currently only on the PTR (PC). When it hits live, it will be on all Overwatch platforms: PC, Playstation, and Xbox. A similar version, role lock, is coming to esports such as the Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders.


Kaplan outlined a few reasons in the Developer Update, noting that a lot has changed about Overwatch since it came out three years ago and the current system wasn’t cutting it. Players, games, and what players think about team composistions has evolved and people approach the game differently than they did at the start.

The developers also feel this will improve match quality and relieve some social pressure when picking roles. For that last one, a handful of examples were given, such as those times when the matchmaker pits 3 people together who all main Reinhardt, and two of those players may not be comfortable, or play DPS or support at as high a level as they play tank.


When selecting a mode that has role queue, players will be prompted to select a role for their next match. Players who are grouped will be prompted to select a role and be informed what others in their party have selected.


  • If you’ve been active in Overwatch the past few months, they’ve already been tracking separate role MMRs for you.
  • There will not be an MMR reset.
  • Not intended to kill a specific meta, no matter what someone says on Reddit.
  • Been in development for over a year and required a complete rewrite of the MMR system.
  • Each role has its own placements as your SR for each can vary dramatically.
  • Players only need to do placements for roles they want to play, and competitive points will be awarded at the end of season for each role.
  • Arcade will have a Classic Quick Play mode that has no role queue.


Overwatch League and Role Lock

2-2-2 is coming to the OWL as well and the players are ready. Rumored for months, the Overwatch League announced on Thursday, after an accidental post on Wednesday evening, that for Stage 4, all teams will be using 2-2-2 comps in what they call a Role Lock.

At the start of a match, players will sit in a specific arrangement, with damage in the left two chairs, support in the right two, and tanks in the middle. Those players will be locked in that role for the match, and if they want to change things up after, they will have to switch computers.

Players shared their opinions on 2-2-2, saying, “There is too much GOATS,” and, “I get to play DPS again!”

PTR 2-2-2 Patch

A PTR patch with changes to plenty of heroes rolled out, with some heroes receiving more attention than others to make them fit into 2-2-2 better, particularly Brigitte. Below is a brief synopsis of those changes.

Small Changes

  • Ultimates cost 12% more.
  • Slows no longer stack, and players may only be slowed by the ability that slows them the most, be they Sym turrets, crouch walking, scoping, and so on.
  • Ashe reloads faster.
  • Melee on Doomfist no longer pauses ammo reload.
  • Hanzo has 5 Storm Arrows instead of 6.
  • Moira Fade now gets out of all stuns such as Stun, Frozen, Sleep, Trapped, etc. Example video.
  • Orisa Barrier now has a 9 second cooldown instead of 8.
  • Reinhardt has a new passive that reduces knockback effects by 30% on him.
  • Sombra Hack now lasts 5 seconds instead of 6, and EMP takes 0.65 seconds to activate instead of 0.5.
  • Tracer Pulse Bomb does 350 damage again after being reduced to 300 a few months ago.
  • Wrecking Ball mines scatter more.


Heavy Changes

Brigitte * Inspire healing increased, but self-healing halved. * Repair Pack now has 3 charges and no longer heals instantly, instead healing over 2 seconds. This can be stacked if multiple are used, and if target is at full health, they get some armor. * Whip Shot hits harder and retracts faster. * Shield has 200 hit points, down from 500. * Rally is 10% more expensive

Symmetra * Teleporter now lasts until destroyed, just like Torb turrets. Its cooldown is increased to 15 seconds, up from 12 and its max range has been increased to 30 yards, up from 25. If one exit gets more than 40 meters from the other, it destroys itself, and re-use time has been increased to 1.5 seconds, up from 1.

Full Patch Notes may be read here.

New Hero?

Did Team Mexico leak the next hero? On their Twitter account they tweeted this picture when discussing 2-2-2 that has a hero named Sigma as their most played hero.

When asked on a stream hosted by Seagull, Kaplan said, “That is a mystery. And by ‘mystery’ I mean not a mystery at all. There’s lots of exciting things coming this summer. This is going to be a real dramatic week for Overwatch.” It should be noticed if you can’t watch the clip, Jeff had a very deadpan voice when saying it was a mystery.


Overwatch League

Dragons Win Stage 3

The Shanghai Dragons, after going completely winless in Season 1, became the Stage 3 playoff champions this past Sunday. Sure it’s true that much of the team has been replaced since then, but the fact of the matter is that few ever thought they’d reach the playoffs, let alone win them.

In Stage 2 they reached the playoffs and were promptly kicked out by the Shock, but in Stage 3 they defied expectations, first defeating NYXL 3-1, the Titans 4-1, and finally the Shock 4-3.

With changes coming to the League for the 2020 season, Stage 3 will be the final Stage playoffs in OWL, so congraulations Dragons!

Season 3 Details

This week the Overwatch League provided a plethora of information about the 2020 season, biggest being that all teams will be hosting OWL this time around.

Both the Pacific and Atlantic Divisions are being renamed Conferences, and each conference will have 2 divisions, 6 teams in each. Every team is expected to host at least 2 homestand events, with a maximum of 5 allowed. All games will be weekend-only, and two teams will be hosting events each week.

All teams will play 28 games, playing against every team in their division twice, and against every other team once.

There are no more stages, and the entire season will culminate into a playoff weekend at the end of the season.

Expanded details may be found here.