After virtually nothing with regards to Overwatch news in the past few weeks, outside esports of course, on Thursday we were finally given a breadcrumb about what’s to come.

The July Developer Update, hosted by Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan, provided a small number of details on the Summer Games, mentioned Hero 31, and talked about what’s being added to the live servers soon.


Summer Games

This year’s Summer Games event is coming “sooner than expected” this year. While no dates were given, the last two years it has taken place during the final three weeks of August. In 2016 it was the first three weeks of that month. With how Kaplan was talking, it certainly sounds like we should be expecting it to come out this July.

More changes were alluded to, but the only one we have details on is that this year, for each week of the event, there will be a new item to earn based on number of games played, similar to that of the hero challenges we’ve had for D.Va, Ana, and Baptiste. This is a drastic change compared to the loot dumps we get at the start of each event.

Hero 31

Kaplan briefly brought up Hero 31, saying that while the traditional schedule says he would be coming out very soon, Blizzard has delayed the release a bit longer to make sure he’s just right. No dates were provided.



Discussed was also the recent PTR that’s going to hit the live servers soon. The PTR introduces the new subtitle system mentioned previously and also includes new anti-cheat technology. If a cheater is discovered, the system will cancel the match immediately, punishing the cheater, and also preventing any non-cheaters from losing any SR.

More Developer Updates

At the end of the video Kaplan mentions that there are “a couple more” Developer Updates coming “very, very soon.” With more changes alluded to for the Summer Games and maybe things like role queue, the new hero, and more, stay tuned here or to our Twitter and we’ll be talking about them as they come out.

OWL Stage 3 Playoffs

The Stage 3 playoffs have started already, kicking things off with a huge upset! Just after the Titans defeated the Outlaws 3-0, Shanghai toppled New York 3-1 in an unexpected victory. New York was the top seed and Dragons were at the bottom.

On Friday night it’s the Dynasty vs. the Shock and Valiant facing off against the Spark.

The quarterfinals are Saturday, with the finals taking place Sunday.