Subtitles coming to Overwatch

The PTR was updated this week with a new patch that adds subtitles to Overwatch, along with a few Workshop improvements and bug fixes.

While some games such as Fortnite have sound visualization for things like footsteps and bullet fire, right now the subtitles for Overwatch are only for voice lines. Subtitles are activated in the Sound settings, and there are three options to control just how much can be heard: Critical Gameplay, Critical Gameplay + Conversations, and Everything.


In at least English client, voice lines that are in other languages are translated into English.

The biggest bug fix here includes a fix for a common glitch where heroes are unselected at the Hero Select screen at the start of games. A few hero troubles are getting patched up as well, such as one where in some instances Amplification Matrix from Baptiste didn’t always amplify his healing, Seismic Slam wouldn’t always register for Doomfist players, and D.Va could sometimes fail to eat projectiles with her Defense Matrix if she was around a corner from the attacker.

The PTR patch notes aren’t on the same page yet so to see the full list of changes, including some Workshop additions, check out the June 24 patch notes and the June 26 patch notes.

JjoNaK MVP Skin

A new Zenyatta skin has been released commemorating NYXL player JjoNaK. For 200 OWL tokens, players may purchase the octopus-themed skin in-game that celebrates his being the Overwatch League MVP for 2018.

JjoNak is well known for being a powerhouse at Zenyatta and members of the Overwatch team wanted to celebrate his winning theMVP award. They reached out to him for input on what he wanted in a skin and JjoNak gave them lots of information about things that are important to him and that he loves octopuses, with “jjonak” even meaning something like “small octopus,” and he has a tattoo of one on his arm.

Blizzard released a video of them showing JjoNaK the skin for the first time a few days ago, and it finally went live on Thursday of this week.

Including the octopus theme, you’ll see the number 44, JjoNaK’s number, etched into the side of the glass head, a nod to the NYXL logo in the wrap worn by the skin, and a stylized 44 on the front of that wrap as well (the tens digit is reversed).

The skin is said to be available for a limited time, but as of this writing no end date has been announced.


While the new skin is featured on the front page, be sure to check out the fact that there is no floor for the main screen, meaning some Victory Poses and Highlight Intros appear a bit broken at the moment.

2-2-2 Coming for OWL Stage 4?

Rumor says that forced 2-2-2 team comps, or 2 tanks, 2 DPS, and 2 support, are coming to the Overwatch League in Stage 4. No official statement on the validity of the rumor has come from the League yet, but website Upcomer said their sources say it’s coming, and now retired Dynasty player Fissure “confirmed” it on his stream.

This rumor popped up prior to Stage 3 but never came to fruition, and at the time it was claimed that the Overwatch League changed their mind “at the last minute,” just prior to the start of the Stage.

Reactions from players has been mixed, but few seem entirely passionate for it, but will go along with it should it happen.

Website Blink and Recall interviewed some players a few weeks ago to get their thoughts on 2-2-2. LiNkzr from the Houston Outlaws said if it happened that the dive meta would return, and, at least a few weeks ago when asked, Sinatraa said he hadn’t thought much about it, but he’s not concerned either way. More players were asked in the piece, so definitely check it out.

Zappis, formerly of the Florida Mayhem and now on Team Gigantti said, “I’m actually not that keen on the idea of 2-2-2. I think even in the current patch people were still developing (and still are) very variable tactics regarding different comps. We are seeing bunker/goats/dps and even dive. Surely the 2-2-2 lock will kill the original goats but at what cost.. I honestly [don’t] think it will vary the comps that people play, might even make it more stale… I can agree that [some kind] of rolelock is beneficial for ranked but I’m a bit torn on the idea for pro OW.”

At this time there is definitely no talk about forcing 2-2-2 in ranked play for the rest of us. That could always change, but don’t count on it any time soon.